Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Week 17

Sorry I'm late on this post! Week 17 was crazy and I couldn't blog on Sunday like I usually do! I'm a slacker.

Last week we had 2 weddings and a bridal session, as well as getting our taxes done last minute, meeting with a debt consolidator and meeting with our lawn care company to fix our yard (which is thanks to the people who first landscaped it and now 1/4 of my yard is in sitting water). So it was a full week for sure! Lots of stress, but thankfully my body was able to handle it all! I don't want to jinx myself but it's been longer than a week since my last migraine and I haven't vomited in a long time! So they weren't lying when they told me 2nd trimester would be the best! I feel super fortunate in this pregnancy and am glad I am having more good days than bad.

Week 17 is when I bought a million gabillion clothes for baby. Thankfully I decided to check out clearance at all the stores when they were having their spring sales... so I'm talking like $3 shirts and $2 shorts! I got him a super warm coat/jumper thing that snaps into legs or keeps them in a caccoon like thing for $8 down from like $50! So basically a LOT of his clothing is already covered for the first 12 months of his life. A lot of people think I'm cray and keep asking me if I'm having a baby shower and the answer is yes! I just rather get clearance clothing and have people buy me stuff that will never clearance out (like boppies or nose frida or bath stuff). If you're interested in looking at my growing registry, here's a link! I have a few things on there that are unreasonable but I just like to look at them (like the $500 bassinet I have on there haha! No way am I getting it, I just think it's beautiful and it makes me happy to look at). You'll see there's another bassinet on there that is cheaper ;)

We know we announced his name, but now we're unsure if we want to name him possibly our 2nd son's picked out name. I guess we'll figure it out soon enough, or maybe when he comes out, but now I feel weird calling him baby Oliver. So right now he's just baby Stilson.

How far along? 17 weeks!

How big is the peanut? A pomegranate. I should eat more of those! 

Total weight gain/loss? I'm the same. So still -16lbs from right before pregnancy and -23 lbs from when we started actively trying for baby.

Maternity clothes? I tried a belly band and I think I got too small of a size. I didn't like it. So I'm going to try a bigger one. Also, I bought a nursing/maternity bra and it's been so nice not to have underwire jabbing me. I guess I could have just got a regular bra without underwire, but this way I can use it after pregnancy too if I decide to nurse. It's comfortable. I haven't worn too many maternity stuff, just lots of dresses that show off my bump! 

Sleep? Pretty good still! Spoiler alert for week 18, that has kind of changed haha. 

Best moment this week? hmm... being done with it! 

Symptoms? Back pain when I do weddings... gas and burping. But constipation has left me and all is well with my bowels. I knew you all were wondering.

Food cravings? My cravings are in the moment, so nothing that sticks around. I had major craving for chinese, so we drove into town at 9pm and got me takeout. It was so yum. I also craved costa vida and that didn't disappoint either. 

Food aversions? None that I can think of... I'm really not picky right now in this stage and that's been nice! I still don't love taking a lot of pills but it's slowly getting better.

Gender? Boy! 

Labor signs? None! 

Belly button in or out? In!

What I miss? Being able to work a wedding with zero pain haha! I'm honestly still feeling way good, I just need my sitting breaks and that doesn't always happen.  

What I'm looking forward to? Feeling baby move! Another spoiler, he moves at 18 weeks! 

Bump? Yes! It's still mostly leftover chub from my previous weight gain.. baby is really low still but I'll just let baby take credit for my cute bump ;) 

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