Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Week 30 and part of 31!

Week 30! What? 10 more weeks! (well, as I write this, 8 more weeks and 5 days haha).

I can't believe we're getting so close! It's kind of freaking me out because I feel like there's still so much to do. I have a list of things I want done (mostly organizing) and I still need to pack my hospital bag just in case. I've been working so much lately that I just haven't had the time to do much else. Not complaining, I want to make as much money as I can before baby comes because I'll be taking a much needed break :)

Week 30 was really good! I am activity days leader for my church calling and it was my turn for the activity. We made homemade ice cream and it actually worked! We did the kind where you shake it in a bag of ice. I think the girls liked it too! I also shot my second to last wedding on Saturday and it went really well (thanks to having Millie come along to help me!). It was also my sisters birthday and they turned super 7. They are getting too old :( AND I taught relief society on Sunday! The lesson went really well and I feel so accomplished from last week (and feeling a little tired from it too haha). Unfortunately I think I worked a little too hard and had some major pain Sunday-Tuesday. But I'm back to normal with minimal pain and I can't complain too much!

Yesterday (during week 31) I was having kind of a lame day and we need to go grocery shopping because there isn't much left to eat in the house. Well pregnant ladies minus food kind of get grouchy and hormonal haha ;) I was really craving fruit and these turkey sandwiches I like to make and so we called the meat counter at Harmons at around 9pm to see if they were still open. They were just barely closing up and that made me so mad. And sad. I totally bawled my eyes out over it. Luckily Carson is patient and decided to grill me a frozen piece of chicken and it was seasoned so yummy. I felt bad because we don't really have good outdoor lighting so he was basically out there in the dark grilling my chicken up haha! We watched The Secret Life of Pets and ate our chicken. I felt a lot better. Being hormonal is scary and I have no control haha!

Today I went and got my turkey from Harmons and a few groceries, yay! I also went and bought more maternity garments because I'm tired of tight anything. Today 2 different people while I was out thought I was due way sooner than I am. I just laughed, because I don't look THAT big! I mean, I feel big, but I know I still have a bit to grow! Baby needs to pack on 3-5 more lbs! They were both men so I didn't take it personally ;)

Last week we got a lot of stuff hung up in the nursery and it's almost completed! I had my good friend Kassi hem my curtains and they look absolutely perfect. I am having his name cut out in wood to go above his crib and a few other wood pieces being made... and having my super talented artist friend Kate paint Jupiter to go above his dresser. I am really excited to have a lot of friends and people I know contributing their talents to his nursery. It makes it feel more personal to me and I love supporting small businesses. So be prepared for a full tour in photos of his room! <3

As far as baby goes, Ollie is doing good in there I think! He moves constantly, always pushing and stretching so my belly looks lopsided all the time haha. He hasn't crowded my lungs or ribs yet and when I lay down I can push on the top of my belly and feel that it's hollow. It's WEIRD. Just stretched skin over nothing underneath it. I assume he'll fill that space soon enough.

Some of the things I've been saying to him this week are "You're disgusting." and "Stop being so gross!" haha! Poor boy. The way he moves sometimes just freaks me out but I would rather him be moving all the time like he is than not at all. One morning I noticed he wasn't being a crazy psycho so I got a little worried and laid down to move him around with my hands. He started to move and all was well, and so I said out loud "ok, you're alive, go back to sleep and stop being gross!" haha! Don't worry, I love him.

How far along? Currently 31 weeks and 2 days

How big is the peanut? 30 weeks he was a zuchini and 31 he's asparagus (or a head of romaine lettuce)

Total weight gain/loss? I am 1.5 lbs up from my pre pregnancy weight. Total gain of 17.5 lbs

Maternity clothes? Yes! I bought some more garments today :)

Sleep? Good! I am still propped up because my back is the most comfortable. This also for some reason relieves pressure on my bladder and the baby and I don't have to get up as often. 

Best moment this week? Week 30? hmm... attending my sisters birthday party! Week 31 we have yet to go through the whole week so I can't really answer that yet. We are planning on going to Kolob to canoe on the lake but it depends on what the weather will do. 

Symptoms? Heartburn... I had major pelvic pain to where it was really difficult to walk but that's over now after much resting. hmm... oh my gosh a crazy amount of gas this week! That could have contributed to my pelvic pain too. It scares the baby too, I was laughing so hard at 4:30 in the morning because he would jump every time. I know, TMI. 

Food cravings? Just good food. I love all the food. I get really sick if I don't keep eating so honestly anything. I love eating granola cereal right now! 

Food aversions? Nope! 

Labor signs? Hmm... nothing really!   

Belly button in or out? I don't know anymore. It's both. haha.  

What I miss? Moving quickly! 

What I'm looking forward to? Next week we have our 32 week dr appointment and we get to see him on the ultrasound again! Last one before he gets too big to see! 

Bump? Yes! People think I'm due already. Sheesh! 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Week 28-29!

Some days I forget I'm pregnant. For real. Just for a split second, but it happens! I'll realize it when I'm trying to squeeze through 2 parked cars and realize I can't suck in my belly... or when I'm rolling over in bed... or when I'm bending over/down. Lately though Ollie hasn't let me forget for even a second because he's moving constantly! He's wild. It's less of a kick and more of a move, I think he's getting cramped in there. I can now feel specific body parts sticking out and I try to poke them back in. It's a little game we play. And it mostly grosses me out haha ;) It doesn't hurt unless he's poking out my belly button or just above it. Ouch! Or when he headbutts my bladder, that isn't ideal either. I can definitely feel him in my sides now and that's a little freaky, it's a little more sensitive right there, maybe because the skin is stretched thinner there?

The last few weeks we've been working really hard on completing my list of things to do before baby gets here. We are almost caught up on laundry, cleaned our bedroom and organized our master closet last weekend. This weekend we are going to clean out the pantry and hang up a bunch of stuff in Ollie's room and the master. We got rid of a lot of stuff too, deep organizing going on! DI, we're coming at you! haha. The next things on the list include organizing every single closet in the house, deep cleaning the house, and later on we'll start preparing freezer meals. I'm really excited about that because I just bought an insta-pot on Amazon Prime day and I really think that will help us out! Anyone know of good pressure cooker recipes?

I'm really excited with our progress and am so grateful for Carson's willingness to help out with a good attitude. I feel like we're finally getting on top of things both in our home and financially, and just making overall better decisions. Crazy what a baby motivates you to do! haha ;)

Last week we went up north for a wedding and because we canceled our babymoon trip, there were a few things I really wanted to do instead to make up for it (and they ended up being cheaper anyways haha!) So one of them was to go to fetal photos and have a 3rd trimester ultrasound session. I luckily found a coupon and we got the highest package for about 50% off! We got to see our Ollie after 8 weeks of not seeing him and he's doing so good in there. We got a lot of great photos of him and I loved our experience there (if you're wanting to go, the American Fork Fetal Fotos location was awesome.. and they price match any coupon from other ultrasound competitors). He smiled for us during the ultrasound and I told the tech that even just that one photo would have been worth it to me. I totally cried during the session because they play this piano lullaby music and it made me all emotional haha! So that was a must for me.... and the second thing was to go up to Kolob and go canoeing... I know, weird, but I've always wanted to go do that! So in a few weeks we're going up and I'm so excited.

During week 28 we did maternity photos and they turned out so good! Melissa helped us out on that session and I'm really happy we did them that early. It's kind of a relief! I plan to do a few when I'm just about to have him as well, but the main session is done, yay! Another thing checked off haha.

I've been able to avoid this heat pretty good and that has been a lifesaver. I have 2 more weddings and a few shoots, but I'm doing pretty well with continuing to work. Like I said above, sometimes I forget I'm pregnant! I feel so lucky to have had everything go so well. We have our 32 week appointment in about 2 weeks and they are going to let me do another ultrasound then as well! I love my doctors and nurses, I'm so glad with my choice!

OH! I passed my glucose test, so that's another win. I was seriously worried. My eyesight has progressively gotten worse in this pregnancy and my eye doctor was a little worried my blood sugar was affecting it, but luckily glucose looked good. My iron was a little low so I've started back up on vitamins. Oops. I just was hoping I didn't need them haha! I have noticed my gums are sensitive and ache so I probably need to take a calcium supplement as well. I was having some back/pelvis/hip pain so I scheduled with the chiropractor and have been seeing him pretty regularly.. and it has helped immensely! He specializes in maternity and babies and I feel like God has pointed me to all the right people when I need them. So remember when my sleep was kind of hard a few weeks ago? I'm back to sleeping pretty darn good again. Ladies, chiropractor!

How far along? currently 29 weeks + 4 days

How big is the peanut? An acorn squash... roughly 15.5 inches and 2.5 lbs. Although I suspect he's bigger.

Total weight gain/loss? I'm basically at my pre pregnancy weight, yay! So zero? haha, but from all the weight lost from the first trimester, I'm up 16lbs

Maternity clothes? Yes. I feel like my belly band is getting too small, even though I bought the biggest size. How does that work for plus size ladies? Because Target does not carry bigger. Maybe I could order online? It's just not working out as much anymore. I bought my first pair of maternity pants, the one with the built in belly band and it's HEAVEN ON EARTH. Seriously. I need to go get more because 1 pair isn't enough. And then lots of dresses :) 

Sleep? Pretty good! I get up once or twice to pee now... and I sleep propped up every night, but I'm doing really well again.

Best moment this week? Week 28 it was the ultrasound and week 29 it was... hmm.. OH! Today I won a contest for free fondue from Anasazi Steakhouse. I was SO excited and might have cried a little ;)

Symptoms? I still have joint pain in my hands/feet. The space between the bones hurts and I'm assuming that's fluid build up. I have a little rib pain leftover but much better from the chiropractor... still super congested so that stinks... mmm... heartburn... that's all manageable though so far! 

Food cravings? Still chocolate... but I love all the food right now. mmm. 

Food aversions? Nothing really!

Gender? Boy! Ultrasound tech confirmed it for us again haha ;) 

Labor signs? None really, not even braxton hicks. Nada. He's staying in there for another 500 weeks.  

Belly button in or out? Not ALL the way out, but half in half out. 

What I miss? Being able to roll over in bed quickly... bending over. haha!  

What I'm looking forward to? Being 30 weeks so then I can say 11 weeks or less to go! (just in case he goes overdue)

Bump? Yes! LARGE.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Week 27


Week 26 and 27 have been a little rough! I mean, overall, it's been great. I feel good for the most part and my complaints are minor compared to others. It's just getting to the point where I'm ready to be done and I still have 1 more trimester to complete! Sleeping is just not great anymore... I get really bad back pain after sleeping for a few hours so I wake up a lot and try to find a position that's decent.. but sleeping on my side isn't always great either because my belly becomes so heavy by the night time and it hurts to sleep on my side, even with a pillow propping it up. So I can't really win at night right now... and even if I do find a good position, I can't breathe and it's just a whole mess. I'm going to ask my doctor if I can do zyrtec or some nose spray because night time is ROUGH.

So with the pains of my pelvis and back and ribs I decided to go to the chiropractor and also get a massage. It was such a relaxing day and my rib hasn't popped out of place since going to the chiropractor which has been nice! I hated that feeling. I think I want to plan on going every 2 weeks to the chiropractor because it has made a difference with my pain (I just don't think anything can take it fully away haha). I haven't noticed swelling but my hands and feet are really sore, like the joints. So I guess there must be extra fluid in there or something.

Guys, I'm over this! haha!

We have been getting more and more ready for baby which is exciting. We have a few weekends left where we don't have weddings or anything planned so we're trying to get all of the not so fun stuff out of the way. Last weekend we cleaned out Oliver's closest because it was our storage closet before. His room is cleaned and we just need to hang up stuff on the walls before it's completed. I have a friend who is going to cut out letters for his wall to spell out his name and I'm going to have Carson make a wooden giant ruler for us to track his height :) It's really coming along! I also found a killer deal on a stroller so that is bought! I also just got his high chair at Ikea today. A lot of the "big" stuff is bought now and it's just left up to the smaller things like bath stuff, breastfeeding stuff, and things like binkys, bottles, etc. I guess I do have to get the bassinet still and a monitor, that's some of the "bigger" items we have yet to buy. But I'm feeling good about all the progress! Now to focus on cleaning and organizing the house some more haha.

Oliver is SO active now, especially at night (my favorite time of day, see above haha). He's starting to kick pretty hard and he is a little wiggle worm across my belly which is a freaky feeling and I rather him just stick to punching and kicking haha! ;)

Next week I have my glucose test! I'm not ready for this haha. I chose the lemon/lime flavor and have heard that's the best one. I sure hope I don't have GB! Next week I'll also be photographing 2 newborns and I'm so excited! I just got to photograph one of those baby's birth and it was such an amazing experience! I decided I will only do births for friends because it's really emotionally draining on me... I take it all of the feelings in the room and my body doesn't know how to process all of it so I end up either crying my eyes out or going into a migraine. This last birth I totally bawled when I got home. Luckily Carson was there for some hugs. I can't wait until my own birth, except I'll probably REALLY be a mess during that haha!

I also have my own maternity photos on Monday! Officially at 28 weeks, the start of the 3rd trimester. I wanted to wait until 32 weeks but because I've been so uncomfortable, I didn't want it to get worse and not be able to deal with it later. Plus my bump is big enough and I'm not swelling yet so I hope it's a good decision doing them this early.

Speaking of being uncomfortable, I only have 3 more weddings left until I'm doing with weddings until after the baby! I'm kind of excited to have a break. I have a few other weddings that I have an associate shooter doing for me and I'll edit and I'm glad that's going to work out. Next week is one of those weddings and it'll be up north which I'm excited about since it'll be not AS hot as St. George. The heat is really getting to me! While we're up north, we are going to go to fetal photos so we can see Oliver... I won't get anymore ultrasounds at my doctor's so this will be nice to do and keep me from getting too antsy. I'm so excited!

How far along? 27 weeks

How big is the peanut? A bunch of bananas! He is up to 2lbs and 14.5 inches. Holy cow. Time to come out already haha! ;) 

Total weight gain/loss? I'm just 3-4 lbs under my pre pregnancy weight! So total weight gain from my lowest in the pregnancy has been 13lbs. Not stretch marks yet.. but my belly feels SO tight and it hurts. 

Maternity clothes? Belly band for my jeans... and lots of dresses.

Sleep? Sucky.

Best moment this week? mmm getting my stroller on a killer deal!

Symptoms? Pain.. back pain, pelvis pain, joint pain. Pain. 

Food cravings? Hmm. Chocolate lately haha.

Food aversions? Nothing really!

Gender? Boy! 

Labor signs? None! Unless pain is one of them haha.  

Belly button in or out? Still in but it's borderline.

What I miss? Sleep.. not having pain ;)   

What I'm looking forward to? Fetal photos! Maternity photos too... but fetal photos more!

Bump? Yes! 

Almost 3 months later!

Wow, have I failed! I wanted to do weekly updates and that just didn't happen. I took on too much work and it really got the best of me....