Friday, July 14, 2017

Week 28-29!

Some days I forget I'm pregnant. For real. Just for a split second, but it happens! I'll realize it when I'm trying to squeeze through 2 parked cars and realize I can't suck in my belly... or when I'm rolling over in bed... or when I'm bending over/down. Lately though Ollie hasn't let me forget for even a second because he's moving constantly! He's wild. It's less of a kick and more of a move, I think he's getting cramped in there. I can now feel specific body parts sticking out and I try to poke them back in. It's a little game we play. And it mostly grosses me out haha ;) It doesn't hurt unless he's poking out my belly button or just above it. Ouch! Or when he headbutts my bladder, that isn't ideal either. I can definitely feel him in my sides now and that's a little freaky, it's a little more sensitive right there, maybe because the skin is stretched thinner there?

The last few weeks we've been working really hard on completing my list of things to do before baby gets here. We are almost caught up on laundry, cleaned our bedroom and organized our master closet last weekend. This weekend we are going to clean out the pantry and hang up a bunch of stuff in Ollie's room and the master. We got rid of a lot of stuff too, deep organizing going on! DI, we're coming at you! haha. The next things on the list include organizing every single closet in the house, deep cleaning the house, and later on we'll start preparing freezer meals. I'm really excited about that because I just bought an insta-pot on Amazon Prime day and I really think that will help us out! Anyone know of good pressure cooker recipes?

I'm really excited with our progress and am so grateful for Carson's willingness to help out with a good attitude. I feel like we're finally getting on top of things both in our home and financially, and just making overall better decisions. Crazy what a baby motivates you to do! haha ;)

Last week we went up north for a wedding and because we canceled our babymoon trip, there were a few things I really wanted to do instead to make up for it (and they ended up being cheaper anyways haha!) So one of them was to go to fetal photos and have a 3rd trimester ultrasound session. I luckily found a coupon and we got the highest package for about 50% off! We got to see our Ollie after 8 weeks of not seeing him and he's doing so good in there. We got a lot of great photos of him and I loved our experience there (if you're wanting to go, the American Fork Fetal Fotos location was awesome.. and they price match any coupon from other ultrasound competitors). He smiled for us during the ultrasound and I told the tech that even just that one photo would have been worth it to me. I totally cried during the session because they play this piano lullaby music and it made me all emotional haha! So that was a must for me.... and the second thing was to go up to Kolob and go canoeing... I know, weird, but I've always wanted to go do that! So in a few weeks we're going up and I'm so excited.

During week 28 we did maternity photos and they turned out so good! Melissa helped us out on that session and I'm really happy we did them that early. It's kind of a relief! I plan to do a few when I'm just about to have him as well, but the main session is done, yay! Another thing checked off haha.

I've been able to avoid this heat pretty good and that has been a lifesaver. I have 2 more weddings and a few shoots, but I'm doing pretty well with continuing to work. Like I said above, sometimes I forget I'm pregnant! I feel so lucky to have had everything go so well. We have our 32 week appointment in about 2 weeks and they are going to let me do another ultrasound then as well! I love my doctors and nurses, I'm so glad with my choice!

OH! I passed my glucose test, so that's another win. I was seriously worried. My eyesight has progressively gotten worse in this pregnancy and my eye doctor was a little worried my blood sugar was affecting it, but luckily glucose looked good. My iron was a little low so I've started back up on vitamins. Oops. I just was hoping I didn't need them haha! I have noticed my gums are sensitive and ache so I probably need to take a calcium supplement as well. I was having some back/pelvis/hip pain so I scheduled with the chiropractor and have been seeing him pretty regularly.. and it has helped immensely! He specializes in maternity and babies and I feel like God has pointed me to all the right people when I need them. So remember when my sleep was kind of hard a few weeks ago? I'm back to sleeping pretty darn good again. Ladies, chiropractor!

How far along? currently 29 weeks + 4 days

How big is the peanut? An acorn squash... roughly 15.5 inches and 2.5 lbs. Although I suspect he's bigger.

Total weight gain/loss? I'm basically at my pre pregnancy weight, yay! So zero? haha, but from all the weight lost from the first trimester, I'm up 16lbs

Maternity clothes? Yes. I feel like my belly band is getting too small, even though I bought the biggest size. How does that work for plus size ladies? Because Target does not carry bigger. Maybe I could order online? It's just not working out as much anymore. I bought my first pair of maternity pants, the one with the built in belly band and it's HEAVEN ON EARTH. Seriously. I need to go get more because 1 pair isn't enough. And then lots of dresses :) 

Sleep? Pretty good! I get up once or twice to pee now... and I sleep propped up every night, but I'm doing really well again.

Best moment this week? Week 28 it was the ultrasound and week 29 it was... hmm.. OH! Today I won a contest for free fondue from Anasazi Steakhouse. I was SO excited and might have cried a little ;)

Symptoms? I still have joint pain in my hands/feet. The space between the bones hurts and I'm assuming that's fluid build up. I have a little rib pain leftover but much better from the chiropractor... still super congested so that stinks... mmm... heartburn... that's all manageable though so far! 

Food cravings? Still chocolate... but I love all the food right now. mmm. 

Food aversions? Nothing really!

Gender? Boy! Ultrasound tech confirmed it for us again haha ;) 

Labor signs? None really, not even braxton hicks. Nada. He's staying in there for another 500 weeks.  

Belly button in or out? Not ALL the way out, but half in half out. 

What I miss? Being able to roll over in bed quickly... bending over. haha!  

What I'm looking forward to? Being 30 weeks so then I can say 11 weeks or less to go! (just in case he goes overdue)

Bump? Yes! LARGE.

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