Saturday, September 30, 2017

Week 40

Freaking week 40! FOURTY.

There have been many tears shed this week. I've been doing really well up until this week, and then some really bad back pain decided to creep in. I have taken 2-3 baths a day before I went and got a heating pad at the store. What a difference that made! Sleeping has been pretty rough with the pain but finally last night after treating my back I was able to sleep 2-10am! (Ollie likes to go crazy from like 11-2 for some reason).

This week we had our 40 week apppintment. Remember when my doctor said I would deliver last weekend? Well, basically he said the exact same thing at this appointment, that most likely I would deliver, but he'd set me up with an induction just in case (but didn't think I'd need it). I was still dilated to a 3 and 90% effaced so no change from the last week. I got a 3rd membrane strip and he thought he broke my water but didn't. "Hey, can we try that again?" Haha. Well, here I am Saturday night with no baby, so I'm planning on being induced at 41 weeks. No contractions, no water breaking... nada. Unless my back pain is back Labor. I can't tell. I sure hope he's not sunny side up!

This weekend we celebrated Carson's dad's birthday, started decorating for Halloween (finishing up tomorrow) and I got a wedding edited! Currently working on another, even though it's not due, it's something to get done so I'm not stressing later. My feet and hands have been swollen today so I've had to take more breaks than usual. Carson made some yummy filet mignon for me and we listened to conference and played some video games tonight. It's been a productive but chill day! Officially last weekend without a baby.

Tomorrow I plan to wash/blow dry/straighten my hair so I'm not a greaseball for labor haha! Everything is prettt much packed and we'll just have it sitting in the car while we wait for the call starting at midnight. Part of me hopes I'm called in right away and part hopes maybe like.. 8am so I can sleep? But who am I kidding. I probably won't sleep tomorrow night haha. I really want the 2nd so I want to get in quick enough so I'm not laboring through the 3rd. We'll see how it goes! I never thought I'd go this over or be induced. It's really weird and I don't even feel like I'm having a baby anymore. But I am feeling a little more prepared with this extra time and a scheduled time to go into the hospital! I just hope he's not like 100lbs because we went so far over due.

Today I also got all of my gifts ready for family members. Stuff for my siblings and both grandparents! And a little something for myself. Carson's present was his wedding ring, which he calls his "Ollie ring" because the design reminds him of Jupiter and Ollie's room is space themed :)

How far along? 40 weeks and 6 days (it's technically Sunday now). 

How big is the peanut? A watermelon. Probably a giant watermelon

Sleep? I talked about it above... rough. But last night good!

Best moment this week? hmm... getting stuff done! 

Symptoms? back pain... I think I re-lost my mucous plug.. on the joys 

Food cravings? Mmm.. nothing in particular. 

Food aversions? Nope! 

What I miss? sleeping flat or on my side 

What I'm looking forward to? Getting this baby OUT! I wanna snuggle. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

39 weeks and "was that a contraction or did I just really need to poo?"

Do you love my blog post title? I wanted to post it as a fb status but... I embarrass my husband and family too much with my TMI stuff so I settled for the blog post ;)

On Monday this week I turned 39 weeks and I've been doing all right! The past few nights I haven't been able to sleep past 5-6 am so I've gotten up and done work or took a bath, and then go back to sleep from 8-10. I can't fall asleep until 1am either. It's weird because by the time 8am hits I'm EXHAUSTED and sleep super hard the next two hours. I guess body is preparing to be up at weird intervals for baby? I'm also super uncomfortable when I sleep since I'm sleeping basically sitting up with my neck kinked backwards. It's super fun.

I found a comfy position on our love sack and I might make Carson take it downstairs in our bedroom  tonight if I need to sleep on it. It's the only way I can sleep on my side and not feel like my body aches ALL OVER.

This week Carson and I have been really good about making dinners and keeping things clean(ish) and staying prepared. I was going to make these freezer meals but decided we'll just do our easy go to stuff and utilize our instant pot (WHICH IS AMAZING!)

Today I had my weekly doctor appointment. My mom and Carson took guesses on what I was dilated to and I was a little nervous for my 2nd membrane strip (which luckily they don't hurt me, just uncomfortable and I'm afraid to go into labor). I am currently *almost* a 3 and 90% effaced, yay! They said that was great progress especially for my first baby so I was feeling good. He said my water is really ready to pop and he thinks it'll break before I go into contractions AND that he thinks baby is coming this weekend. WHAT! I'm not getting my hopes up because I can really see him sitting in there forever. ALSO, I mentioned I wanted to schedule an induction on the 2nd of October (1 week overdue) and he said we can for sure induce you on that date, but you won't make it to that date. I feel like Oliver was like "challenge accepted" and is going to be stubborn ;) So I'm a little nervous over the anticipation of my water breaking... I don't know why! I'm not going to do anything to induce labor until Friday night (so my videographer can be there!). I wouldn't mind him coming on Sunday or Monday though.. I have a wedding next September on the 22nd and 23rd and I really want to celebrate his birthday ON the day, and if he's born either of those dates will force us to celebrate a different day. Which is finnnnnnne but I don't like that. haha!

Which brings me to my blog post title. I had my membranes stripped and ultimately I wasn't feeling like I was last week when I was crampy and couldn't really walk that first day comfortably. I was like, great, it did nothing again! But then I started to feel crampy after we had lunch and had some hopes. But then I realized I just needed to take a big poo. Every time I go to the bathroom I feel relieved and say to myself "ok you're good to go into labor now because you are empty and won't poo on the table during labor." But then I never go into labor and get freaked out until the next bathroom trip. Later tonight I was feeling crampy again, had maybe 2 contractions... or so I think I did? But then guess what? Another big poo. Basically I don't know what my body is doing and I'm trying to not get too excited over here and am planning for October 2nd ;)

OH! And I finally decorated for Fall on Sunday and it makes me really happy. No Halloween out just yet. I might have to put it out tomorrow though if I need to keep myself busy ;) I have a few things left to edit so most likely I'll be on my bum a lot this weekend. Also also, here's a photo of my giant belly.

How far along? Currently 39 weeks! (40 on Monday, yay!)

How big is the peanut? I don't know anymore... he's a small pumpkin this week I guess. Hmmph. All I know is I'm feeling LARGE. 

Sleep? I talked about it above.. it's weird, but I'm doing ok! Upper back pain is REALLY bad though from my sleeping position so I gotta figure something else tonight.

Best moment this week? hmm... our doctor appointment I think? It's kind of been a lame week. 

Symptoms? A little crampy... (either contraction crampy or poo crampy haha!)  

Food cravings? Food. 

Food aversions? Nope! 

Labor signs? Cramping/braxton hicks... it DOES hurt to walk tonight, just seems really stiff and tight.

Belly button in or out? Out-ish   

What I miss? sleeping flat or on my side 

What I'm looking forward to? Getting my Halloween decor up. I mean, also getting baby here but I'm also afraid soooooo I'm cool if he stays in for a bit too ;) 

Friday, September 15, 2017



Week 37 and 38 have been alright! Last week we were pretty productive.. we got some dry wall fixed and a water softener (which both had me super giddy). I got a pedicure too so my toes aren't scary for labor ;) This week I had a shoot (and 2 more tonight) and slowly getting all of my editing done!

Week 37 with the doctor I was dilated to a 1 and 70% effaced and yesterday's appointment I was expecting to be the same. I haven't really had any contractions or cramping so I assumed no progress. BUT I am a 2.5 and 80% effaced! She offered to strip my membranes so we did that and I've been having some cramps and contractions, so Carson and I walked last night and I was hoping that would help! Welllll I woke up from a good night sleep and no contractions haha. It's been comfy all day except for one cramp and now back to normal. So we'll see! The doctor said if it did do anything for labor, we'll know within 24-48 hours so there's still some time for it to work! However, she thinks I'll still come on time. Oh well :(

Not much of an update this time, I just sit and edit at home all day and slowly work on things around the house. I haven't decorated for Fall yet and I want to so bad!

How far along? Currently 38 weeks! (39 on Monday, yay!)

How big is the peanut? A spaghetti squash! Basically between 6-9 lbs and around 20 inches. My doctor estimated me around the 7-8lb range.

Sleep? It's been a little more rough lately.. my back pain has been hard and I haven't been to the chiropractor in a bit so that's probably a mistake. 

Best moment this week? our doctor appointment! It was surprising good news. 

Symptoms? A little crampy... tired... I think I lost my mucus plug so that's cool. Um... That's it!  

Food cravings? Nothing in particular. I just love all the food. 

Food aversions? Nope! 

Labor signs? Cramping/braxton hicks... (see symptoms, basically the same thing haha) 

Belly button in or out? Out if I'm sitting or standing :)   

What I miss? um... not being winded all the time haha 

What I'm looking forward to? getting this baby OUT! ;) 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Week 35-36

Everything is starting to blur haha, I really need to update once a week and I somehow let 2 weeks get by. Granted, I had a good amount going on and now just in the final stretch of things and hopefully slowing down on things after this week! We have been checking stuff off the list... THE LIST of things I wanted done before the baby comes and we only have a few things to do left! This list had like... 25 things on it so I say we're doing pretty good haha!

Week 35 was fun! We had my brother stay with us for a few nights while my parents were up north. We got lots of treats and took him to Anasazi for his first time! mmm foooood.

That weekend was 2 baby showers for Oliver as well! Carson's work threw me one on Friday which was so incredibly nice of them. They all pitched in to get us the Owlet and a few other items like his baby tub and bumbo! (and bottles and shoes and changing pad, and they are basically so so nice to do that for a wife of one of their employees). We are very blessed that Carson works there and they have been so good to him/us.

The next day was a baby shower thrown by my Momma and it was so cute! We did a cactus theme. We had family and close friends and neighbors over and it was a party! We had the yummiest food made by my beautiful friend Sasha and her mom. I've known Sasha for 21 years and it's crazy that we'll both have boys that will be friends like us forever! Hers is 2 years older but that's ok, right? I'll just force Wade to play with little Ollie haha ;) They made a do-it-yourself style of chicken salads (like Durangos or Cafe Rio) and they were perrrrrrfect. We played a few games as well and opened presents! (Oh, and I made sugar cookies from scratch for the first time for the party and I *think* they were a success!) Also, that adorable cake was made by Cupcakes by Julie, she's so great! ALSO also, the cute cactus designs on the banner were made by Katelin Hansen :) So many people have been supportive and thoughtful for baby Oliver and it was such a perfect evening. Thanks to everyone who came and spoiled us! We only had to buy just a few items after both showers and that was immensely helpful because we had to replace 6 tires on our cars last week! *working on thank you cards still, that's on THE LIST*

Here's some pics from my talented friend Melissa:

Week 35 we had a doctor appointment and my first vaginal exam... basically not dilated (maybe 1/2 centimeter?) and 50% effaced. During week 36 Carson had to go out of town for a few days and I had the worst sleep without him! I typically only wake up 1-2 times a night (mostly around 4am every night haha) and without him here I barely slept. Lame. He also missed our doctor appointment (because I'm weekly now on those) so my mom came with me and we also got lunch and went to Target! It was so fun! I haven't dilated any more but I'm now 70% effaced. That exam wasn't as gentle as the first one and hope this week is a little less painful ha. I texted Carson and told him I found what he's getting me for my "push present" and that is a new fall outfit! Target has a new brand of clothing and it's so cute. I can't wait to wear normal clothes again and this outfit I'm super looking forward to! I also got a massage during week 36 and it was just what I needed. 

We had to change 6 tires last week and that was rough :/ I was getting excited to finally have some money for savings and.. nope! This last weekend we spent a lot of it cleaning and throwing stuff out. We got our pantry all cleaned out and organized AND Oliver's room is officially completed! Everything is washed, organized, vacuumed and decorated. Such a relief!

Baby is kind of out of control. He had left my ribs alone for most of the pregnancy because he was so low. He still is low, even more so, but has now decided to stretch out his legs straight and get my ribs! Ouch! He constantly has the hiccups, constantly is moving, and still jumps when I have gas haha! Poor guy. I'm also cramping (contractions maybe?) and having braxton hicks so that's a party. 

How far along? Currently 37 weeks! 

How big is the peanut? According to my apps, anywhere from 6-9 lbs and 18-20 ish inches!  
Total weight gain/loss? Last time I weighed I was about 10lbs up from pre pregnancy weight or 26lbs total gained. 

Maternity clothes? yeah... yeah. 

Sleep? Yes! Except when Carson isn't here. 

Best moment this week? hmm that's hard! Loved my baby showers for week 35 and week 36 was probably Target and lunch with mom.

Symptoms? new symptoms are cramping like I'm going to start my period.... still have heartburn and I've been napping more.. so tired! Also my hands HURT SO BAD. Especially when I'm sleeping. I wake up feeling like I punched a brick wall and all my bones are broken. It gets better throughout the day, probably the fluid getting out.. and then starts the cycle again at night. Ouch! 

Food cravings? Chocolate? All the food? ;) I wish I could say they were cravings but this is how I am all the time. 

Food aversions? Nope! 

Labor signs? Cramping/braxton hicks... the tiniest bit of blood tonight?  

Belly button in or out? Out if I'm sitting or standing :)   

What I miss? Not being swollen. I don't even have it as bad as some but my hands are really killing me. 

What I'm looking forward to? Our dr appintment Thursday :) AND getting our bassinet <3 

Almost 3 months later!

Wow, have I failed! I wanted to do weekly updates and that just didn't happen. I took on too much work and it really got the best of me....