Monday, May 26, 2014

Things that are yummy to me as of late: no I'm not pregnant

1. Movie Theater Popcorn: Gosh, I used to not super care for it, but it's been on the craving list. It's super yummy and I love it. With butter. I also like to pair this with a blue icee.

2. Have you freaking tried the cinnamon wheel from Papa Murphy's? It's heaven. On Earth. In your mouth. And into your intestines. (well, stomach first I guess. I just thought of intestines).

3. I love Dairy Queen. If all else fails, I'll just choose to eat there.

4. The strawberry poppyseed salad from 25 Main. Mmm mmm good.

5. The Habit Charburger with cheeeeese. I love cheeseburgers. I love them. And I love the habit. I don't even like onions, but I love their caramelized onions on their burgers... gah.

6. Frozen grapes. Yes, just stick them in the freezer. Best thing ever.

7. I love the strawberry poppyseed salad thing from Paradise Bakery too.. it has a crap-load of fruit in it, like pineapple and blueberries and oranges (and of course strawberries).. and then it has nuts and fat free strawberry poppyseed dressing. And chicken. And it's healthy and I love it.

Really though, food is just great. But these are my cravings for summer so far and 2 of them are healthy so I'm in trouble. But never fear, I'm meal planning, so all is well, and at least our dinners are somewhat healthy.. or at least home cooked ;) This week involves a tater-tot casserole. Are you freaking out with me? That sounds like the best thing ever invented. Now I just need to catch up with some photos and blogging said photos and... do my dishes. Yuck.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Movies and feelings

This week we went to 2 movies. Did you know that on Tuesday nights, you can get in for the price of a matinee? Whaaa? This is our new "date night" for sure! Because we are business owners, we can make our own rules and say "Hey, instead of the weekend being fun filled days off (it never is, we are wedding people) we can take Wednesday morning off and stay up all night Tuesday and have it be DATE NIGHT!"


We really know how to party.

So Tuesday we didn't know this, but we were feeling GAZEERRA so we went and saw it and were pleasantly surprised at the lower pricing of our tickets.

Godzilla was pretty good.. predictable but good. I don't know, I saw it, that's cool.

Then we also saw X-Men and that was pretty good too. I don't know what's with me, but I think I'm going into these movies with super high expectations and then they aren't blowing my mind! The 3rd X-Men BLEW MY MIND! This one was like.. yeah that was good, I liked it. But.. I don't know. I DON'T KNOW! It's fine, I'll get over it.

*sheesh, tough crowd Jostlyn*

The feelings portion:

I feel.... lame. And friendless.

The end.

^^ That's a lot of feels.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Meal planning and no, I didn't unfriend you!

Every Sunday we are now doing meal planning and goal planning. If you know me, you'll know I don't... Really... Cook. Soooo, that's going to change! So I planned this week's meals, we went to the store today, and we sat down and had dinner together at the table together for dinner before our lovely shoot with Emilee and David! (Super excited for those two).

If you're wondering what we had, it was breakfast. I know, super easy. And Carson made it. Well I helped a tad. See, we said at least one meal will be made by Carson each week, and then Saturdays or one of the days will be a date night. So tonight was Carson's night. We had waffles, I had an egg (I made that) and strawberries (I totally cut those) and orange juice. It was really nice to sit down together and talk over dinner and have that time together. Can't wait for tomorrow's dinner! I'll have to post recipes and such ;) and I'm also just excited for the time we get together if we have a busy day, which tomorrow will be and I probably won't see him until dinner and then I leave for a shoot right after, so it's going to be a priority now :)

Here's a photo:

Ok, that's all for today.. Just really about food. ;) oh, and I'm still off Facebook, so peeps, don't think I don't love you, I do! Just follow me here and insta @jostlenna & @rozphotography

Friday, May 16, 2014


So.. hi world. Something worth mentioning right off the bat: I got off the FB. THEE FB. Some people thought it was a little lame of me but you know what? Facebook is lame. Yeah. So there.


My business page is still up and kickin' .. so there's so good news.

So if you're missing your dose of Jostlyn, my instagram is still up and I'll be blogging more. Facebook is just set up to hurt people's feelings and I refuse to be a part of it in any way except for my business page.

So the husband took some photos of me for my website... it was more for the reason that we needed to finish up this roll so I could send it in to the lab.. but it was a good excuse to get some updated photos of me. I shoot 75% ish film now, so these were taken in film :) He did good! We are also working on a new website, so look forward to that!

What else is new.. Carson started a new business! He does commercial videography and does that full time now. He loves it and is really successful. He's busier than I am! We still do weddings together and he has a few of his own, but commercial stuff is where his true passion lies. He's actually in Moab right now filming some jeeps!

Not much else has changed with us. I just shoot a ton of film now and he's doing a lot of videos and we're happy. We need to get some updated photos of the both of us together! But for now, here are our headshots for our websites.

Almost 3 months later!

Wow, have I failed! I wanted to do weekly updates and that just didn't happen. I took on too much work and it really got the best of me....