Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Meal planning and no, I didn't unfriend you!

Every Sunday we are now doing meal planning and goal planning. If you know me, you'll know I don't... Really... Cook. Soooo, that's going to change! So I planned this week's meals, we went to the store today, and we sat down and had dinner together at the table together for dinner before our lovely shoot with Emilee and David! (Super excited for those two).

If you're wondering what we had, it was breakfast. I know, super easy. And Carson made it. Well I helped a tad. See, we said at least one meal will be made by Carson each week, and then Saturdays or one of the days will be a date night. So tonight was Carson's night. We had waffles, I had an egg (I made that) and strawberries (I totally cut those) and orange juice. It was really nice to sit down together and talk over dinner and have that time together. Can't wait for tomorrow's dinner! I'll have to post recipes and such ;) and I'm also just excited for the time we get together if we have a busy day, which tomorrow will be and I probably won't see him until dinner and then I leave for a shoot right after, so it's going to be a priority now :)

Here's a photo:

Ok, that's all for today.. Just really about food. ;) oh, and I'm still off Facebook, so peeps, don't think I don't love you, I do! Just follow me here and insta @jostlenna & @rozphotography

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