Thursday, September 21, 2017

39 weeks and "was that a contraction or did I just really need to poo?"

Do you love my blog post title? I wanted to post it as a fb status but... I embarrass my husband and family too much with my TMI stuff so I settled for the blog post ;)

On Monday this week I turned 39 weeks and I've been doing all right! The past few nights I haven't been able to sleep past 5-6 am so I've gotten up and done work or took a bath, and then go back to sleep from 8-10. I can't fall asleep until 1am either. It's weird because by the time 8am hits I'm EXHAUSTED and sleep super hard the next two hours. I guess body is preparing to be up at weird intervals for baby? I'm also super uncomfortable when I sleep since I'm sleeping basically sitting up with my neck kinked backwards. It's super fun.

I found a comfy position on our love sack and I might make Carson take it downstairs in our bedroom  tonight if I need to sleep on it. It's the only way I can sleep on my side and not feel like my body aches ALL OVER.

This week Carson and I have been really good about making dinners and keeping things clean(ish) and staying prepared. I was going to make these freezer meals but decided we'll just do our easy go to stuff and utilize our instant pot (WHICH IS AMAZING!)

Today I had my weekly doctor appointment. My mom and Carson took guesses on what I was dilated to and I was a little nervous for my 2nd membrane strip (which luckily they don't hurt me, just uncomfortable and I'm afraid to go into labor). I am currently *almost* a 3 and 90% effaced, yay! They said that was great progress especially for my first baby so I was feeling good. He said my water is really ready to pop and he thinks it'll break before I go into contractions AND that he thinks baby is coming this weekend. WHAT! I'm not getting my hopes up because I can really see him sitting in there forever. ALSO, I mentioned I wanted to schedule an induction on the 2nd of October (1 week overdue) and he said we can for sure induce you on that date, but you won't make it to that date. I feel like Oliver was like "challenge accepted" and is going to be stubborn ;) So I'm a little nervous over the anticipation of my water breaking... I don't know why! I'm not going to do anything to induce labor until Friday night (so my videographer can be there!). I wouldn't mind him coming on Sunday or Monday though.. I have a wedding next September on the 22nd and 23rd and I really want to celebrate his birthday ON the day, and if he's born either of those dates will force us to celebrate a different day. Which is finnnnnnne but I don't like that. haha!

Which brings me to my blog post title. I had my membranes stripped and ultimately I wasn't feeling like I was last week when I was crampy and couldn't really walk that first day comfortably. I was like, great, it did nothing again! But then I started to feel crampy after we had lunch and had some hopes. But then I realized I just needed to take a big poo. Every time I go to the bathroom I feel relieved and say to myself "ok you're good to go into labor now because you are empty and won't poo on the table during labor." But then I never go into labor and get freaked out until the next bathroom trip. Later tonight I was feeling crampy again, had maybe 2 contractions... or so I think I did? But then guess what? Another big poo. Basically I don't know what my body is doing and I'm trying to not get too excited over here and am planning for October 2nd ;)

OH! And I finally decorated for Fall on Sunday and it makes me really happy. No Halloween out just yet. I might have to put it out tomorrow though if I need to keep myself busy ;) I have a few things left to edit so most likely I'll be on my bum a lot this weekend. Also also, here's a photo of my giant belly.

How far along? Currently 39 weeks! (40 on Monday, yay!)

How big is the peanut? I don't know anymore... he's a small pumpkin this week I guess. Hmmph. All I know is I'm feeling LARGE. 

Sleep? I talked about it above.. it's weird, but I'm doing ok! Upper back pain is REALLY bad though from my sleeping position so I gotta figure something else tonight.

Best moment this week? hmm... our doctor appointment I think? It's kind of been a lame week. 

Symptoms? A little crampy... (either contraction crampy or poo crampy haha!)  

Food cravings? Food. 

Food aversions? Nope! 

Labor signs? Cramping/braxton hicks... it DOES hurt to walk tonight, just seems really stiff and tight.

Belly button in or out? Out-ish   

What I miss? sleeping flat or on my side 

What I'm looking forward to? Getting my Halloween decor up. I mean, also getting baby here but I'm also afraid soooooo I'm cool if he stays in for a bit too ;) 

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