Saturday, July 1, 2017

Week 27


Week 26 and 27 have been a little rough! I mean, overall, it's been great. I feel good for the most part and my complaints are minor compared to others. It's just getting to the point where I'm ready to be done and I still have 1 more trimester to complete! Sleeping is just not great anymore... I get really bad back pain after sleeping for a few hours so I wake up a lot and try to find a position that's decent.. but sleeping on my side isn't always great either because my belly becomes so heavy by the night time and it hurts to sleep on my side, even with a pillow propping it up. So I can't really win at night right now... and even if I do find a good position, I can't breathe and it's just a whole mess. I'm going to ask my doctor if I can do zyrtec or some nose spray because night time is ROUGH.

So with the pains of my pelvis and back and ribs I decided to go to the chiropractor and also get a massage. It was such a relaxing day and my rib hasn't popped out of place since going to the chiropractor which has been nice! I hated that feeling. I think I want to plan on going every 2 weeks to the chiropractor because it has made a difference with my pain (I just don't think anything can take it fully away haha). I haven't noticed swelling but my hands and feet are really sore, like the joints. So I guess there must be extra fluid in there or something.

Guys, I'm over this! haha!

We have been getting more and more ready for baby which is exciting. We have a few weekends left where we don't have weddings or anything planned so we're trying to get all of the not so fun stuff out of the way. Last weekend we cleaned out Oliver's closest because it was our storage closet before. His room is cleaned and we just need to hang up stuff on the walls before it's completed. I have a friend who is going to cut out letters for his wall to spell out his name and I'm going to have Carson make a wooden giant ruler for us to track his height :) It's really coming along! I also found a killer deal on a stroller so that is bought! I also just got his high chair at Ikea today. A lot of the "big" stuff is bought now and it's just left up to the smaller things like bath stuff, breastfeeding stuff, and things like binkys, bottles, etc. I guess I do have to get the bassinet still and a monitor, that's some of the "bigger" items we have yet to buy. But I'm feeling good about all the progress! Now to focus on cleaning and organizing the house some more haha.

Oliver is SO active now, especially at night (my favorite time of day, see above haha). He's starting to kick pretty hard and he is a little wiggle worm across my belly which is a freaky feeling and I rather him just stick to punching and kicking haha! ;)

Next week I have my glucose test! I'm not ready for this haha. I chose the lemon/lime flavor and have heard that's the best one. I sure hope I don't have GB! Next week I'll also be photographing 2 newborns and I'm so excited! I just got to photograph one of those baby's birth and it was such an amazing experience! I decided I will only do births for friends because it's really emotionally draining on me... I take it all of the feelings in the room and my body doesn't know how to process all of it so I end up either crying my eyes out or going into a migraine. This last birth I totally bawled when I got home. Luckily Carson was there for some hugs. I can't wait until my own birth, except I'll probably REALLY be a mess during that haha!

I also have my own maternity photos on Monday! Officially at 28 weeks, the start of the 3rd trimester. I wanted to wait until 32 weeks but because I've been so uncomfortable, I didn't want it to get worse and not be able to deal with it later. Plus my bump is big enough and I'm not swelling yet so I hope it's a good decision doing them this early.

Speaking of being uncomfortable, I only have 3 more weddings left until I'm doing with weddings until after the baby! I'm kind of excited to have a break. I have a few other weddings that I have an associate shooter doing for me and I'll edit and I'm glad that's going to work out. Next week is one of those weddings and it'll be up north which I'm excited about since it'll be not AS hot as St. George. The heat is really getting to me! While we're up north, we are going to go to fetal photos so we can see Oliver... I won't get anymore ultrasounds at my doctor's so this will be nice to do and keep me from getting too antsy. I'm so excited!

How far along? 27 weeks

How big is the peanut? A bunch of bananas! He is up to 2lbs and 14.5 inches. Holy cow. Time to come out already haha! ;) 

Total weight gain/loss? I'm just 3-4 lbs under my pre pregnancy weight! So total weight gain from my lowest in the pregnancy has been 13lbs. Not stretch marks yet.. but my belly feels SO tight and it hurts. 

Maternity clothes? Belly band for my jeans... and lots of dresses.

Sleep? Sucky.

Best moment this week? mmm getting my stroller on a killer deal!

Symptoms? Pain.. back pain, pelvis pain, joint pain. Pain. 

Food cravings? Hmm. Chocolate lately haha.

Food aversions? Nothing really!

Gender? Boy! 

Labor signs? None! Unless pain is one of them haha.  

Belly button in or out? Still in but it's borderline.

What I miss? Sleep.. not having pain ;)   

What I'm looking forward to? Fetal photos! Maternity photos too... but fetal photos more!

Bump? Yes! 

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