Sunday, June 18, 2017

Week 25

I honestly thought I only skipped week 24, but here we are skipping 2 whole weeks. Oops. You didn't miss much, just lots of photo shoots and working! Ok, and an awesome trip to Vegas with my mom to get Oliver a bunch of new stuff, yay! We ate at yummy PF Changs (my mom's first time) and oh my gosh... I love Chinese food! So that was super great, and then we shopped like 7 different stores including Ikea. My favorite purchase was this giant grey knit dinosaur that is hanging out by his crib right now. I had been on the search for a big animal of sorts that was very plain and no face and this was perfect!

We had our 24 week doctor appointment.. no ultrasound :( But got to hear baby's heartbeat (even though I can do that at home) and got measured.... which I didn't even ask if that looked good so hopefully he's doing good haha! I got sent home with my glucose test drink for our next appointment and I chose the lemon-lime flavor. So that's coming up in 2 weeks!

Overall I've been feeling really good! Something that is new is pain on my right side in the back, around my bottom rib. I only get it when I sit in certain positions for a long time. But I happen to edit at my computer all day and so I have to position with pillows to not hurt. When I was in Vegas I had to have my mom drive home (and she's night blind, poor thing) because driving is uncomfortable after about 10 minutes. I need to just bring pillows with me everywhere. So that has been annoying. I also don't sleep well laying down. I tried to lay on my left side like I'm supposed to and even when I have a pillow under my belly and between my legs I wake up multiple times a night and I'm pretty stiff with pain in my belly/bladder. So I have since propped myself up pretty good so I can lay on my back and wow, it's been heaven! I sleep the whole night through, no waking up to pee, and no pain! I do notice I wake up with lower blood pressure (similar feeling to when I was on a blood pressure medication) so I'll need to make sure with the doctor that I'm propped up enough (because the back is a no-no).

The swelling has *kind* of started. This heat is really getting to me and even in my air conditioned house I'm still hot. So some days I'll wake up with joint pain in my hands and feet and there's a little extra fluid in there. But nothing bad for the most part! I have a bridal session this week in 111 degrees and I plan on not wearing makeup so I can have an assistant literally spray me in the face with water haha! Luckily no other shoots for a while and the next one is up north! I have 4 weddings left to photograph and I'm hoping July will be good to me haha.

Yesterday we cleaned up Oliver's room (for the most part) and finished putting together all of the furniture. We need to only hang up stuff on the wall and then it's done! It's coming along really, really cute.

Oliver has been super active this last week! Of course I say that and he's been so mellow today, but last week he didn't give me a break. He's big enough that I can see him moving around on my belly now and it's super freaky haha!

Speaking of this crazy heat, I finally got a new swim suit because my other one stopped fitting. I'm excited to spend some time in that pool! (my momma's pool).

How far along? 25 weeks for this post!

How big is the peanut? A cauliflower! About 13.5 inches and 1.5 lbs. 

Total weight gain/loss? This question is weird because pre-pregnancy I'm still down 6lbs, but from my lowest weight in pregnancy I'm up 10lbs! Yay! So I guess I'm going to count that as a gain of 10lbs total. The weight loss wasn't *from* pregnancy, but from going off of my migraine medication. 

Maternity clothes? Belly band all the way! I just received my maternity photos dress and hopefully I don't gain any more weight in my chest/upper body area haha! The belly can grow but that's it. I also just ordered a maternity skirt for my baby shower :) 

Sleep? Good! See above :)

Best moment this week? Hmm... spending Saturday with Carson getting stuff ready for the baby.

Symptoms? Gas. Oh my gosh. Heartburn but that's not new. mmm... and the rib pain.

Food cravings? Enchiladas, no-bake cookies... I love my honeynut cheerios in the morning.

Food aversions? Nothing really!

Gender? Boy! 

Labor signs? None! 

Belly button in or out? Oh my, it'll be out soon! 

What I miss? Not having rib pain haha ;)  

What I'm looking forward to? Staying inside as much as possible this week

Bump? Yes! Large and in charge.

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