Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Week 22

I feel like my weeks are starting to blur! It's wedding season and I'm just trying my hardest to keep on top of all of my work. Week 22 was nothing crazy exciting pregnancy wise, except that I got bit by mosquitoes like crazy. I had several shoots at Tonaquint park last week and they ate me alive, especially on my feet. This caused me to not sleep much at night because there was no relief. Finally Sunday morning at like 6am we went to Walmart to get me all of the different anti itch creams and those would help get me out of feeling crazy, but not an full relief. Finally today I have been able to function 100% and no itching. On Monday after I slept in really late (I was up most of the night itching) Carson and I went to eat Poncho and Lefties (a current obsession of mine) and went to get me good, reliable, close toed shoes. I have learned my lesson, and for the rest of the summer I'll be in my new sneakers every time I have a photo shoot. It was really traumatic! I have had mosquito bites before, they usually love me anyways, but nothing has been like the itch in pregnancy. I guess I'm just extra tasty now. So basically, I really needed comfortable shoes. Something not hideous and something that would last me more than a few wears. I had bought some shoes at target (similar style to what I just bought at Dillards) and they literally fell apart after a month of use. I have converse at home but my pregnant feet are too fat for them right now (Converse are just super narrow anyways). So when you see me out shooting, I'll be wearing those! (And have a huge layer of bug spray ALL over me).

Aside from my horrific bug situation, we were able to go out to dinner with some friends, Shalli and Brock. Carson really likes Cappelettis and the last and only time I went there I just hated it. But I feel bad because we always go where I want to eat and I wanted to have Carson enjoy some of his favorite food on a date night. Lucky for him, Shalli and Brock like it there too so I thought it was perfect. We all went and I was trying to decide what I would get there (I was kind of dreading on finding *something* to eat haha). Upon hearing the specials, I decided to go for the filet mignon in red wine sauce and I was hoping it would be better than my last experience there. I asked for medium well, more on the well side, and our waiter said they normally like to cook it medium but he would have them do it a little more. *GREAT* I thought, I'm going to get super red meat and I won't be able to eat it. I was kind of bugged and worried. They brought out our food and Carson's steak was cooked less than what he ordered and I was panicking (you know me, I love food and I just hate eating for the sake of filling my body up. I NEED to enjoy the experience). I cut into my steak and oh.my.gosh. It was perrrrrrrrrfect. Absolutely perfect. Like zero pink (so more like well done) but still so tender and amazing. Wow. I was in heaven. I love being surprised when I feel like something is going to go horribly wrong. I told Carson I would be calling to see when that special was and we would be going a lot more often ;)

We had a wedding on Saturday and it went really well! 2nd trimester has been fairly easy and I just hope 3rd treats me just as nice.

How far along? 22 weeks for this post!

How big is the peanut? Coconut! I wish I liked coconut better. About 11 inches and almost 1lb.

Total weight gain/loss? I'm currently at 5lbs up from my lowest in the pregnancy... still about 11lbs under from the beginning of the pregnancy. Baby steps! 

Maternity clothes? Belly band has been doing wonders and my swing dresses. 

Sleep? Good if it wasn't for those dang mosquitoes! There was one night I had weird upper tummy pain and that was lame/scary so I had to prop myself up on a huge amount of pillows. It hasn't happened again so that's good. I have to have a pillow under my belly for sure now though.

Best moment this week? Eating that steak.... yep.

Symptoms? My belly feels like it's going to explode sometimes, like, super stretched. I looked at my photo progression from week 21 to 22 and there is a big difference! Yikes! 

Food cravings? All the food. I could really go for a hot brownie and ice cream right now.

Food aversions? mmm nothing out of the ordinary.

Gender? Boy! 

Labor signs? None! 

Belly button in or out? In currently... but it's happening guys. It's coming out.

What I miss? Um... nothing this week! 

What I'm looking forward to? We have our 24 week appointment next week so I'm excited for that!

Bump? Yes. I finally had 2 strangers yesterday ask me or assume that I was pregnant. I sometimes forget my belly sticks out a good amount now! 

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