Sunday, May 7, 2017

Week 18 & 19 (I'm a slacker)

Hi Hi! I don't know what happened to week 18. It was busy and things got crazy with all of my work (I am a full time wedding photographer, part time contract editor, and I take other editing jobs on the side... so basically I'm at my computer A LOT).

The best thing about week 18 was finally FINALLY feeling him move/kick. It's honestly the best feeling in the world. I always have a buddy with me wherever I go. He specifically likes to kick when I'm in the car (that dang seat belt is throwing off his groove haha) or when I'm sitting at my computer. He was really active week 18 and Carson was able to watch my belly move which was awesome. He still hasn't felt him yet officially with his hand, baby tends to shy up when he puts it on there. So we just stare at the little pokes. Baby is also REALLY low. Like, too low for me to show my family his movements without things being awkward ;) So basically he's just rockin' it on my bladder and pelvic region, so I visit the bathroom a good amount during the day. Luckily I only get up about once a night (sometimes I make it to 6am and that makes me happy!)

Another thing I've noticed is that when I get up from sitting or laying down, I have one little hiccup. I don't know what that's about, but it's annoying. haha! I also wake up having to pee but also because I can't breathe.. congestion is just super fun. So I have to get up to blow my nose even if I don't have to pee. And then blowing my nose comes with bloody noses and this is a morning ritual now for me. Kind of gross.

I have finally found my hunger. I have gained about 2lbs and I'm super stoked! Except sometimes I get so hungry and then it makes me feel like I have to throw up haha, even though I had just eated 2 hours earlier. So I'm working on snacking and not being a crazy garbage disposal during main meals ;)

Honestly, 2nd trimester energy is awesome! I feel so productive lately with staying on top of my work/deadlines and slowly making a dent in my laundry. Carson cleaned out the garage and it looks beautiful! We just need to get shelves up and organize just a little bit more. We're working on projects so things don't feel so chaotic in our home when baby comes.

How far along? 19 weeks! (.... tomorrow I'm 20, half way there!)

How big is the peanut? A mango..yum! ;) 

Total weight gain/loss? I'm up 2lbs. Really happy about that since I lost so much and had been the same weight since week 13.

Maternity clothes? I have a maternity/nursing bra that I exclusively wear now. Some maternity clothes, but mainly my regular stuff since they were sized for when I was 23lbs heavier! I think I need to go get a little bit bigger of garment tops though, I hate having restriction right under my boobs. I need to be loosey goosey right now. 

Sleep? Decent. I wake up in the early mornings because of pee or congestion and then it takes me some time to fall back. I don't want the pregnancy insomnia! Please NO! 

Best moment this week? For 18 it was definitely feeling him move. Week 19 was when Carson took me on a date for cinco de mayo, dinner and a movie! We are really working on being aware of each other's needs and doing things around the house. It's been a really happy week! Crazy what you can accomplish when both people want to make a marriage beautiful. 

Symptoms? hmm. My stomach is stretching, I don't like that feeling. I also can't move to quickly with like bending over or sitting down, it hurts my uterus haha. 

Food cravings? I love sunbelt granola bars right now! And fruit, always fruit. But really, all the food. 

Food aversions? hmm.. none really. 

Gender? Boy! People keep commenting how they'll laugh when I have a girl because I have his whole wardrobe already bought. Hmmph. 

Labor signs? None! 

Belly button in or out? In!

What I miss? um... I miss not having to take 2 zantac a day for heartburn. I used to get away with just 1 haha.

What I'm looking forward to? Our 20 week ultrasound on Wednesday.. I cannot WAIT.

Bump? oh yeah. 

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