Sunday, April 2, 2017

Dear Baby - A letter about your Dad

Dear baby,

I got the impression a few nights ago to write you and tell you how awesome your dad is going to be. For starters, he already is awesome. The thing about your dad is that he's kind of like cheese; he gets better as he gets older haha! (You'll find out just how much he loves cheese too!) I knew I loved him when we first started dating, but I didn't know how much more that love could grow throughout our marriage. When we decided to get pregnant with you, my heart grew 2 sizes! (That's from the Grinch, we'll watch it at Christmas time). One size for you, and one size for Carson. He has become so selfless and always puts us first. He never complains when I ask him for something, even when it's really out of his way or he's just as tired as me. He does things even without me asking and I know he's going to really be involved with raising you and helping with the not-so-fun stuff (like diapers and throw-up). I belong to this mom group on Facebook and some of the things that the women are dealing with are just so heartbreaking. Now, not saying our marriage is perfect. We definitely have our trials and there's things about each other we would change... but the thing about your dad is that he loves me in spite of my flaws and can turn any sad or frustrating situation into a growing and learning experience for us to become even stronger. He's the first to apologize and always makes us dinner, even if I've laid around all day doing nothing. And you think he loves me... just wait until you're born! He is so excited to meet you. There's been times in this pregnancy that I've been sad and scared and not sure if I'm cut out to be a mom. Not once has your dad let me feel this way for long. Through patience and support, I know first hand he will always make you feel loved. And he'll always make you laugh! He also says he plans to make you a fancy breakfast every day before school (which I don't even get so just know you're very lucky haha!) Your dad is very forgiving and knows you'll make mistakes. He plans to teach you to confide in us and realize it's ok, very much like our Father in Heaven. He is a good provider and is working extra hard to make sure we're ready for when you come into this world. I sure love him and know that you will too :)

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