Sunday, April 9, 2017

Week 15

I feel like my 2nd trimester finally hit this week! You know, the "good" part of pregnancy where you get some energy back and you're not constantly gagging. Hazzah!

The first half of the week I was still tending my siblings. I was able to go see my friend Michele's new baby at the hospital and it was SO fun holding Rosie and hearing her experience and hoping I looked as glowing as Michele did!

Thursday I spent the day editing in my pajamas, did a batch of laundry and just really tried to relax and mentally prepare myself for the 3 weddings I had back to back this weekend. We went and picked up a trial pair of contacts for me (I have gotten worse by .5 in each eye since I've been pregnant, so weird!) and walked around a store and then went to bed really early. I wanted as much rest as possible. Weddings are really emotionally draining for me (especially pregnant) and I'm an outgoing introvert. I need my alone time and I can't be "on" for too long or I go into a migraine or get really tired, etc. So I was a little worried about this weekend but it actually was an A+, 100% weekend for me! Friday morning early I did feel a migraine wanting to settle in, so I took some pain relief approved by my doctor to prevent it and it worked! I woke up for my wedding and felt fantastic. Saturday was an 8 hour wedding and I've noticed in this pregnancy I have horrible lower back pain if I stand for too long. They were super nice about me sitting when I needed to and actually one of the guests who also helped with the wedding offered me a mini massage during a break! It was heavenly. I think I need to go in for regular massages during wedding season because I think that will make all the difference for me.

But basically, it's been a really good week! I feel a wave of nausea every once and a while, so zofran is still a helping factor, but I don't feel like I need to throw up when I brush my teeth. haha! Taking pills is still a little scary but if I don't think about it too much I can get it done.

Also. Guys. An update from last week about constipation... I've been relieved if you know what I mean and I feeeeeeeeel soooooo goooooood! (Imagine me singing that in a 90's U2 kind of song).

How far along? 15 weeks! (Again, I'm actually 16 weeks but I like to blog about my entire 15 week at the end on Sunday's)

How big is the peanut? An orange! mmm an orange sounds good right now.

Total weight gain/loss? Hmm, maybe gained 1lb? I had a lot of good wedding food this weekend so it could be more. I shall go weigh myself in the morning. I feel like I'm eating more and more and that makes me happy.

Maternity clothes? Not needed yet, except I've been wanting to get some maternity jeans because the ones I wear now were from when I was 20lbs heavier and they fit my waist/belly right now, but my bum and legs are really saggy because of all the weight loss. So I need to get smaller pants but with a belly haha! 

Sleep? Really good. About 9 hours every night. If I get less I usually headache. 

Best moment this week? Getting Katering Koncepts food 2 days in a row. Seriously people... it made my week.  

Symptoms? I felt a little cold/sore throat coming on but that went away pretty fast! And then lower back pain and round ligament pain. I'll take pain anywhere other than my head... that really messes me up. 

Food cravings? Good, crunchy salad... like... all the fixins in it. Katering Koncepts nailed it for me. Uh.. and their lemonade. mmm. 

Food aversions? So you know how last week I was saying fruit was tasting sour? No, it was just bad fruit haha! I had some this weekend, again from Katering Koncepts and it was divine. Carson got a shrimp basket before our Friday wedding and I made him eat with the windows down. That stuff is STINKY and sounds super gross.  

Gender? We find out Tuesday! Well, we find out Friday, but I'm trying to figure out how Tuesday would work... we'll see I guess! I'm growing impatient. 

Labor signs? mmm not labor signs, just round ligament pain and back pain. Oof. 

Belly button in or out? In!

What I miss? Oh gosh, I don't miss anything really this week!  

What I'm looking forward to? Gender reveal!! 

Bump? Yes! I think I can confidently say I have a bump. Check out my insta for updated photos. Some of it is still just how I carry my "fat" ... I'm just really prone to belly weight even at my thinnest... but some of it is baby and that makes me stick it out proudly! 

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