Sunday, April 16, 2017

Week 16

Week 16 whoop whoop!

Wow, each week goes by pretty fast! I love it, bring on the baby! This week was extra exciting because SO much happened! We had a doctor appointment and found out the gender on Tuesday. We decided to have them put the gender photo in an envelope so we could find out at our gender reveal party. I ran the envelope to my friend Millie right after the appointment so I wouldn't be tempted to open it. She ordered all of the confetti poppers in the right color and we all waited not so patiently for Friday. I wanted to have all my closest friends and our family with us and luckily Friday worked with everyone's schedules. We had Port of Subs sandwiches because I have craved them throughout this pregnancy haha! And fruit and veggies and a pineapple lemonade (but I was told it was mostly pineapple juice.. another thing I've been loving in this pregnancy). I was so nervous for the reveal that I almost didn't want to know! Such a big step! But now I'm so so so so thrilled that we know, I can finally start picking out things for our baby and planning... cuz you all know me! I'm a planner. Soooo we found out we are having a BOY! I knew it all along. For small moments I thought maybe a girl.. but in the end I knew it was a boy. We have decided on Oliver as a name, but we have another boy name picked out too just in case we change our minds last minute haha! It was a perfect way to kick off Easter weekend, which was perfect in every way. Today for church we taught our primary class, had Easter dinner with my family and watched my siblings in their egg hunts. My mom even got us an Easter basket and I have had WAY too much sugar today. Naughty. I'm going to have to ration it out because I just want to eat it all right now ;)

How far along? 16 weeks!

How big is the peanut? An avocado or a pickle! mmm pickles have sounded so good recently. Luckily not pickles and ice cream, that sounds gross ;)

Total weight gain/loss? I'm the same! Although my belly is getting bigger so I don't know how that's working out. I hope to gain soon! 

Maternity clothes? I totally wore a blue and pink striped maternity dress for our gender reveal and I loved it! It made my belly look pregnant and super comfy. I decided I'm living in dresses.

Sleep? Pretty good! I am waking up once to pee, usually early morning. I've had some vivid dreams the last few nights so those kind have woken me up but I fall back pretty easy. 

Best moment this week? Finding out our gender! AND my mom picking out cute outfits the night we found out he was a boy... it just made it that much more real picking out things for MY baby. Crazy.

Symptoms? Just back pain if I stand for too long and growing pains in my pelvis/uterus. So that's fun.

Food cravings? just the same stuff as before... I love sandwiches from tom's deli or port of subs (but my heart lies with Blimpie)... salads, chicken, fruit, all the good stuff. We got some really yummy grape tomatoes and they have been heavenly.  

Food aversions? mmm none that I can think of for this week! Except I tried a different prenatal that I got as a sample from my doctor's office because I was too lazy to get up and get my other one and I was burping what I think is the fish part of the vitamin... and it was DISGUSTING. The worst taste ever.

Gender? Boy! 

Labor signs? None! Besides just regular growing pain crap. 

Belly button in or out? In!

What I miss? umm... honestly nothing!   

What I'm looking forward to? Feeling baby Oliver kick/move

Bump? Yes! 

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