Saturday, August 19, 2017

Week 34


I'm getting uncomfortable.

I do really well in the mornings, even early afternoon! But evenings and night really are hard for me. I feel so heavy and tight and pained :( Luckily my sleep is pretty decent once I get comfortable so I have that going for me. But currently as I type this out, I'm in nothing but a robe because I cannot have anything restricting my belly! I might just have to live in my robe until delivery.

I'm also feeling like he'll never get here and I'm going to feel like this forever. And I feel like he's not even real in there anymore and I just get to be big and uncomfortable for eternity.

Good news, I have my 35 week Dr. appointment next week and it'll be the first vaginal check along with my step b test. Wouldn't that be awesome if they said I was already dilating and I was coming 2-3 weeks early? One can dream haha.

This last week was a little stressful with the amount of deadlines that I had but I made it through! I still have a lot to edit tomorrow to get fully caught up but I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I really just want to sit in my robe and watch tv or take a bath all day long but work calls my name at all hours haha. I guess it would probably be good if Ollie stays in there full term so I can get everything done that I need to before he gets here. We are currently working on cleaning out the closets and organizing all our crap. His room is JUST about done! I need to wash all of his clothes and blankets, hopefully that's tomorrow too!

I started 30 rock this week and I'm running out of shows to watch! I watch netflix while I edit and so I go through shows really fast (because I literally edit all day long haha). Any suggestions?

I threw Kassi's baby shower today and it was a great turn out! The theme was "ready to pop" and we had chocolate covered popcorn, cake pops, and soda pop. I'm so excited for her and excited Ollie will have a little friend really close in age. She is due exactly a month after me! :) She is having a boy as well.

Tonight I had my "last" shoot until baby comes. I have a few shoots lined up in September before he comes unless he decides to come early! So I count tonight's shoot as my last one just in case. It went really well! I then went to The Habit and my friend Ciera came and kept me company and watched me eat haha! She had already eaten so I was grateful she still came and talked.

This week I got a few things in the mail for Ollie, like his binky and some bottles! Carson was like, whoa this getting real, we're getting the nitty gritty stuff now! haha! I also got my similac samples in the mail, I love free stuff!

This week I had a tire blow while driving and I didn't even realize. Luckily it was the back tire and everything was safe. The next day I went to the chiropractor and thought I had a brunch date but that was supposed to be the next week. So I was without a car because mine was in the shop. I decided to just walk the 8 blocks to Big O... and I made it! But then it really really messed me up for the rest of the day and I was so sore.

How far along? Currently 34 weeks at 6 days (Monday I'm 35, yay!)

How big is the peanut? A giant. He's a giant. A butternut squash, basically 5lbs and around 18inches. We should know a little bit more at my dr. appointment. 

Total weight gain/loss? I haven't weighed myself much this week but I'm pretty sure I'm up 7lbs from pre pregnancy weight. I weigh the most I ever have right now.

Maternity clothes? Duh. 

Sleep? Decent. I am on a schedule of 12-5 and 5:30-9 ish right now. Sometimes it's 7am instead of 5, just depends on the day. 

Best moment this week? Probably today, I love baby showers!

Symptoms? Acid reflux... I have been having episodes in my sleep lately and I wake up in a choking mess (even though I'm super propped up) so that's kind of fun. Not. I am super uncomfortable at night, heavy, tight, itchy... you know. Really thirsty but can't drink too much at a time because my stomach is scrunched. It's great. 

Food cravings? Any food really. 

Food aversions? Nope! 

Labor signs? I think I have finally felt braxton hicks! Happens a few times a day. I don't love it. haha. 

Belly button in or out? Out and proud.  

What I miss? Not being in pain all the time.. not itching... laying down normally, sitting up normally... you know, pretty much all that stuff. 

What I'm looking forward to? Our dr appintment and baby showers! 

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