Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Part of 32 & 33

I should really blog at the end of the week but weekends are CRAZY and our date night was early today so I have a little bit of time to write :)

Last weekend was really good! My friend Millie and I went out for 5 Guys because both of our husband's don't really like that place. (Because they are CRAZY). It was delicious. We also got chocolate from Rocky Mountain and it was beautiful. We also played crash bandicoot on the playstation all night long... it might have been a super nerdy evening haha! ;) Carson was out of town in LA filming so a girls night was a must.

Saturday I had a bridal session and it went really well. I climbed all over snow canyon petrified sand dunes and didn't die! I have 3 photo shoots and 1 wedding left until I can take about a month break getting ready for baby. I have been feeling decently well though overall so I might take on a few here and there if they come. It really all depends on the day, but overall my energy and health have been good.

Now saying that, I got a really bad charlie horse and Sunday night and Monday I could hardly walk. It was really bad! I have to work at my computer upstairs and climbing the stairs was pretty brutal. I have never been that sore from a leg cramp before and I used to get them all the time when I was a teenager. I had to reschedule my shoot and take a half day at work (I am a remote colorist for my film lab).... but it was really good for me to relax and not stress of what I had to do. Carson took me out to eat for dinner and I worked on a chore chart at home afterwards. In our 5.5 years of marriage we are just beginning to not be 100% slobs. We are both the creative type and I don't know if that has anything to do with our clutter or laziness or.. I don't know! I am a good cleaner when I DO clean, it's just not a super often thing unless we have people coming over haha! Carson is a good blitz-er but not necessarily a deep cleaner so I came up with a chart that we each have our own chores every day and they are pretty equal to each other but also rely on our strengths. Carson is a good vacuum-er and I'm better at swiffer-ing. I will do everything in the bathrooms but he gets to do the toilet because that's gross and I shouldn't have to clean up his pee if it gets elsewhere haha! TMI. So Tuesday's are our date night (because hello, $5 movie night). Tonight we.... I mean I... decided that we were doing pedicures. I have a fear of going into labor and having my toes look all sorts of gross. I get ingrown toenails and things can get scary. So I'm trying to be better about going in because I can't pick those out myself and I don't want to go to the doctor just yet (has anyone had that surgery??). We decided to get a hot stone massage while we were there and it was heavenly. Anyway, if in my birth photos I have socks on, you'll know that my toes were scary ;)

Earlier today I got done with my work a little earlier so I went to lunch with my momma to Pancho and Lefties and it was yum! We also got a cinnoman roll from Great Harvest and went to Target. I got some maternity jeans for $10 and I am so happy because 2 just hasn't been enough. I always find myself in situations where I need to wear pants instead of a dress so 3 will be perfect. I also bought a bunch of mini necessities for my hospital bag and some stuff for a baby shower I'm throwing for a friend! All in all, a really good day!

How far along? Currently 33 weeks and a day

How big is the peanut? He is a celery stock or head of cauliflower.. which translates to about 17.2 inches and 4.2 lbs. 

Total weight gain/loss? It fluctuates but I'm about 3-5lbs up from my pre pregnancy weight. 21lbs total gained.

Maternity clothes? Bought some new ones today! 

Sleep? Good as it can be. I'm excited to lay flat or on my side. It's getting uncomfortable and I can only do propped up on my back. It's funny because the position makes Ollie go into a weird shape on my belly and when I wake up it's almost like my belly is square. I wonder if his bum just floats to the top or something? I sleep through his moving and kicking too so that's nice :)  

Best moment this week? So far was today! Shopping, eating, pedicure... why can't all days be like today?

Symptoms? Heartburn heartburn heartburn. Leg cramps now too, I had one this morning again and I'm afraid for tomorrow's ability to walk. 

Food cravings? Any food really. 

Food aversions? Nope! 

Labor signs? Nothin. Which is good I guess. 

Belly button in or out? When I lay down it's in... but..... every other time out  

What I miss? mmm, having a regular body? I can't wait to lie on my belly or roll from side to side while I sleep without feeling like a whale haha! Side note: I totally cried my eyes out the other day because I realized I had cankles (kankles?). And this isn't just in pregnancy, I do legit have borderline cankles and I instantly got so sad. I really haven't been upset about my pregnant body and I have gotten over a lot of my body issues before I was pregnant (I wasn't where I wanted to be, but I felt healthy and that was more important to me than being thin and unhealthy like I was). So it was kind of weird for me to care so much about my cankles but it's true, I have them haha! I'm ok now, it was just a realization moment for me. I was crying to Carson asking "why didn't you tell me? why has no one told me?" haha! I felt betrayed. Sheesh, hormones. 

What I'm looking forward to? Next week! I have my chiropractor appointment and a baby shower I'm throwing and my last shoot until baby Ollie gets here :) 

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