Thursday, August 3, 2017

7.5 weeks to go! (Week 31 and part of 32)

I can't stay consistent on my blog titles and want to blog halfway through the week haha. Or maybe it's because I've been editing all day and I need a little break so I use this as an excuse ;)

Week 32 has been pretty good! We got to see Ollie yesterday at our doctor appointment (the last time before he gets here!) Our tech got a really good photo of him and it's crazy to see how much he's grown since our last ultrasound at 28 weeks! We could see part of his chest last time and this time just his head, he's getting too big to see much on the ultrasound haha! His cheeks have fattened up too, I'm so excited. She said he didn't have much hair, but that there was some... I'll take what I can get! He sucked his thumb for most of it and gave us a smile and a couple of winks. His heart was at 148. When we checked my blood pressure, it had gone up since my last appointment and I was a little worried but they said I'm finally in a normal range (I just naturally have really low blood pressure, last time at 28 weeks I was 100/58. This time I was 122/80). I haven't had a contraction yet, and no signs of preterm labor, feeling pretty good! So they haven't been having me come every 2 weeks like they normally do. I went 4 weeks and then my next one is 3 weeks, and then finally I'll go to every week after that (so from almost 36 weeks on). So I guess that's good news! I don't know where he's measuring at but I feel like he's ginormous.

Last Saturday we were going to go to Kolob and rent a canoe, but instead we went swimming at my moms and went out for fondue and steak! I won a facebook contest for free fondue at Anasazi steakhouse (one of our favorites) and so we shared a steak and ate our free fondue. That's the way to do it! We also got a lot of errands done and hung up some stuff in the nursery as well as cleaned a little bit. We're slowly checking things off our list!

Baby has been moving like crazy lately and my pelvic pain hasn't been as intense so yay for both of those things!

How far along? Currently 32 weeks and 3 days

How big is the peanut? Currently a squash! 

Total weight gain/loss? It fluctuates but I'm about 5lbs up from my pre pregnancy weight. 21lbs total gained.

Maternity clothes? This question is getting lame haha! I might have to remove it. 

Sleep? Sleeping propped up still and still pretty good quality! 

Best moment this week? Seeing Ollie :)

Symptoms? Heartburn as always... mmm... hormonal on Tuesday, I was just feeling so feisty! ;) Feeling a little more tired lately, I want to take an afternoon nap every day.

Food cravings? Sugar. Oops. 

Food aversions? Nope! 

Labor signs? Nothin 

Belly button in or out? I think it's just awkward.   

What I miss? Moving quickly! 

What I'm looking forward to? hmm... the baby being here? haha. 

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