Monday, May 6, 2013

It's Monday!

Weren't you just on the edge of your seats and refreshing our blog for our newest post?



Well, we stood by our word and got our our Monday night vlog! Woo! Here is what our weekend consisted of! We went up for a quick trip up north to film and photograph a wedding in Orem. It was a beautiful day on Saturday and the couple could not have been cuter! We enjoyed talking on the way up and back too.. lots about the past and our future and how we've grown as individuals and as a couple. What we're going to teach our children and what we're not going to teach them. It was a good bonding experience. Don't let our little vlogs fool you, we're a tender couple who love each other deeply (99% of the time haha).

In other news, both of our dogs got fixed today.. it's been a sad day in the Stilson home :(

We also went to lunch today and I decided, "eh, what the heck, let's go without doing my hair or makeup!"

This was the end result:

Also, I did a shoot for {re}cycled consign and design last week and she posted them to her blog today!

Check it out! -->

Without further ado, here are our vlogs :)

Also, here is Carson's nerdy video game vid he made for his final project in one of his college classes. Make fun of him in the comments below! haha, jokes jokes... don't really make fun of him, unless you bring us cookies after. That makes everything worth it right? ;)


Wow, two vlogs in one post! Spoiled! ;)



  1. For some reason I love these and you two. They make me laugh!

  2. Almost thou persuadest me to play video games...
    Looks like you have a good life and a beautiful wife. Hope you can make the imaging thing work. It can be a very nice lifestyle.

  3. Haha brother Erickson, I miss you guys and hope all is well!


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