Monday, May 13, 2013

Fork Prison

Is it Monday already? Again? Wha?

Having a blog makes my weeks go by so much faster. Cereal. (That's what I say instead of serious or seriously. Only sometimes)

Let's see... Last week we came out with our newest Roz Cinema vid! I'll post that below :) It's from the wedding we went up north for last weekend (remember?). So so so so cute! Carson is so fantastic.

We also filmed a commercial vid for a local business... so stoked to release that video. Saturday we did a lifestyle family shoot (I did some filming myself too, be so proud!) and pretty much I'm DYING for Carson to edit that shoot.. seriously. Cereal. All you families will want one just like it. (That's our plan you know... so you'll hire us for your family shoot! muahaha).

But for real. We were sitting there on our drive home from up north last week and Carson said "I think the reason why we do what we do, especially videography, is because we didn't get that on our wedding day.. and it's a huge regret now. I don't want anyone else to feel like that, and I want to make their day the best it can be for them." And it's so true. We had a fantastic photographer, that was a HUGE deal for me. 75% of my wedding budget was spent on her. I took out a student loan to pay for her type thing (because we were also buying a home, we were in school, car payments, etc). I wanted videography, but I guess I wasn't convinced yet? If I could go back and re-do my wedding, that would for sure be something I would get. Hands down. SO worth it. And don't try and tell me you have a family member that will record it. It's not the same as having a professional with professional equipment that is hired there to do just that. Your family member should be celebrating with you, not worried about recording some shaky video. You should see my family member recorded video... half of it is of the ground. Cereal.

It was also Mother's Day! We were supposed to teach a lesson on Sunday but I ended up getting a bad headache and Carson was super sick, so we ditched out (don't worry, we texted someone to cover) and then visited our mom's later in the day.

Sorry the vlog is short and boring today.. and sorry I cover the mic halfway through.. I'm so lame. BUT, I did get Carson some Star Wars action figures today from the online yard sale, so I think I'm winning as a wife today. Woo!

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