Monday, May 20, 2013

Bitter feelings and Ravioli

Hmph. So there's this guy online in one of these photography groups I'm a part of on Facebook and last year he gave me crap about the equipment I was using and basically said I shouldn't be shooting weddings and that I probably wasn't very good, etc etc. Don't worry, I didn't take any of it and ripped him a new one and a lot of people who saw this particular public post stood up for me and basically called him out for bullying a 20-something year old girl and posted photos I had done and he actually did comment on them and half-apologized and said my work was good enough. Right? Right.

Since then I have upgraded my equipment significantly. That's not the point. But I have, in case you were wondering ;)

I have also taken to shooting film.. and.. I'm not too shabby at it ok? And my film camera is manual focus, and I'm pretty ok at getting it in focus. And if it's not, I can admit when I blew the focus. Right? Ok. So this same guy has started to shoot film (because, let's face it, who hasn't now). And he thinks he's a BAD A at it. Pisses me off. Because he's not. So he's been posting a lot to this film group I'm a part of on Facebook and he's posting these awful photos with awful composition and thinking they rock hardcore and saying things like "Oh, I totally nailed the focus on this one, blah blah blah" And he's slightly off on the focus.. he didn't nail it.. he's off. Anyone with clear vision could see that. RIGHT? He's just making himself look like a FOOL in front of all these really amazing film photographers with all of these posts. And I just sit back here and giggle because.. they're all probably thinking he's a little lame.

Now this makes me look like a mean bitter person. And I am. BUT! I wouldn't even CARE... only because he seriously humiliated me in front of over 800 photographers online and called me out on a post and was a jerk.

Ok. I feel better. On to positive feelings and our vlog.

We got a business loan today! Carson is buying a Canon C100! What does this mean for Roz Cinema? It means high-end videography and amazing quality! It means I'll never have to share the 5DM3 with him again! It means we are moving up in the world! It means we decided to buy that instead of a car! haha ;) We're very very very very excited for this business decision. And no, this wasn't our exciting news I posted about on Facebook.. that's a different thing. Still haven't found out if it's a go or not.

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