Monday, April 29, 2013

Nice attempt. One day we'll get it right.

Well hi.

Monday night vlog! Family night! Don't count on it being every Monday... but wouldn't that be a good tradition? We'll try and stick with it, but they might fall on different days. Who knows, maybe we'll do several days a week!

Let's see... I quit my day job. These past two weeks have been not as productive as I hoped they would be. I just haven't had this much CHOICE in my time and it's hard to discipline myself. Notice I didn't say 'I haven't have this much free time' because technically I have A TON TO DO... I just.. well.. have taken to sleeping until 11 am a couple times, and staying in my pajamas all day editing... and I finally let myself watch Pitch Perfect (because before I just seriously never had the time to.. it's been sitting on my computer for months). So it's been a fun couple of weeks. I've gotten stuff done, but I've relaxed too and it's been GREAT! But it's time to get down to business (which it's perfect timing because I happen to be booked every single day this week and my wedding season is starting this weekend so time to get my bum in gear).

Anywho, enjoy our vlog. We will be posting more. And they will be less boring. And we have more exciting announcements coming soon! WOO! Stay tuned. Oh! And Carson graduates this Friday. I'm so proud of him :)

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Almost 3 months later!

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