Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oh life.

Oh gosh, this is embarrassing.

My last post was back in March! Holy Hannah! Sometimes your life goes on auto pilot and you forget about the details. That's basically what happened. My photography business kind of took off without telling me and I was seriously caught off guard. I wasn't anticipating that jump this year.. not that soon and not all at once like it was. It's been an amazing trip! But can I just say how exhausted I am? All the time? No, I'm not pregnant.

I graduated with my Associates in May, which was a huge relief. I made it! My family and 2 of my best friends were there to support me :) Carson took me out to lunch and to a movie and then my mom had a graduation party for me at her house. Big fat party!

Carson started working for his dad as well as continuing on with being a free lance reporter for KSL. We've had so many blessings and we're grateful that he's able to work with his dad and brother and have the availability for his news stories at the same time.

I have increased my camera family size! With this jump in my business, I knew it was time I upgraded some of my equipment to keep up with everything. I was able to get another body, a couple lenses, a light kit, and a medium format film camera. My hopes are for one day to shoot mostly film for my professional work. Film is SO LOVELY.

I had my first destination wedding in San Diego in July. That was quite the experience! I had Carson second shoot for me and it was an amazing time. He even liked it, which is saying a lot... he's not a super fan of weddings like I am. I'm excited for when I can finally edit it.

That's another thing... I'm always 20 shoots behind.. it never ends! Which is fantastic, but it can get overwhelming. That being said, I did not go to school this semester (which started yesterday). I had prayed and talked it over with Carson, and we felt good about me taking a break in at least something. Let's just say I'm super stoked. Don't worry mom, I'm going to go back to school. Eventually.

Carson is back in school. I'm editing and shooting my life away. Things are good. We are in the process of finally making our bedroom cute.. that included lots of painting and sanding and rearranging and money, but it's coming together! We're also going to be going to New York in November with Carson's family and then to Florida in December to shoot a wedding! Lot's of new and exciting things are happening.

Did I mention how tired I am all the time? But loving it. Truly. And my migraines aren't as frequent as they used to be, so that's a huge plus.

Oh! We got a dog! Piper! She's a white mini Schnauzer. She's a cutie-pa-tootie.

Annnnndd... that's it for now :)

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