Monday, January 16, 2012

Honeymoon in Hawaii :)

The Honeymoon! Oh gosh, it's still so weird to think we were in Hawaii 2 weeks ago. It's such a gorgeous place. Let me tell you, it was difficult coming home and starting school the next day. We enjoyed 80 degree weather, flip flops and short sleeves, eating until our stomachs hurt, playing in the ocean in our full on clothes (yeah, it sounded like a good idea at the time) and not having to put chapstick on our lips every 5 seconds because of the perfect humidity. *sigh* we miss you Hawaii. Mahalo for a fantastic time!

We couldn't check into our hotel until around 1 in the afternoon. We arrived in Hawaii 6 am their time, so we had a LOT of time to kill. We were so dang tired, and that is why we look so haggard in this next photo. We went to breakfast at a local place down the road and explored around Waikiki. We ended up passing out in the hotel lobby on the couches for 3 hours after that until we were allowed to check into our room. We shopped a little and ate (the two things I do best!)

I had my 21st birthday over the honeymoon! Carson took me to IHop for breakfast. Then we made our way to the Polynesian Cultural Center and spent the day there. 

I made an awesome fish.

Learning to Hula (the kind where the women shake their booties fast)

And Carson learning some of the dances too.

It got a little out of hand as they started to do this motion... can anyone guess why? ;)

As part of my birthday, Carson made sure we got prime seating and a nice Luau dinner of Kalua Pork... mmmm

At the very end, they asked for anyone who had a birthday that day to stand up. Then everyone sang happy birthday to me! The host then asked for anyone celebrating love to come up on stage (meaning honeymoons, anniversaries, engagements, etc.) He then had the entertainment start playing their instruments and he sang to all of us and asked us to slow dance on stage. It was so cute and a perfect birthday present. Dancing with Carson is one of my favorite things. He makes me feel so safe in his arms. :)

We then went to the night show, "HA Breath of Life" where there was lots of fire dancing and other awesome performances that went along with the story. This man below was amazing!

Turning 21 over the honeymoon has its priviledges! I was able to rent us a car to get us around the island. The people at the car rental place were so nice to us and happy it was our honeymoon. They gave us a pretty awesome deal and off we drove in a 2011 yellow Camaro. Yay Bumblebee! It was fun zipping around the island in that.

The Dole Plantation! I was super excited to visit this place. I love pineapple. I never realized though that I've been missing out on the REAL stuff! It was sooo amazing here. The pineapple flavored ice cream was really great too. As were the pineapple gummy bears.

We then headed up to North Shore and saw some awesome waves! The water was colder that day, and it was quite cloudy so we didn't get in, but the view was breathtaking!

On our way back, we stopped at a Shrimp Shack on the side of the road. I don't even like shrimp that much, and I must say, this was DANG good. Mmm. Let's just say Carson and I are suckers for food. This whole trip we ate really well. We didn't care much for souvenirs.. just the food ;)

Pearl Harbor was one of the most awesome experiences. It's one thing to learn about things in a textbook or in the movies, but it's not REAL until you actually experience the place yourself. I feel that is how it is with most historic sites. It was all so surreal to me the whole time we were there. It had a certain air of peace/respect/holiness about it. I had to hold back tears some of the time.

The rest of the honeymoon we spent catching buses going to movies (we kind of spent all our money). But it was fun to relax and enjoy Hawaii by taking walks and going to the beach. We were sad to leave, but excited to start our adventure of being married and putting together our home.


  1. Sounds and looks like you had an amazing time. What a beautiful place to begin it all! Man, these pictures are all amazing....great job! Thanks for sharing. What a great looking couple you make! Congrats again you two! Oh, and.... NICE WHEELS :))

  2. Yay for honeymoons!!! Loved the pictures.


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