Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Us (Carson + Jostlyn = Awesome)


Having a married blog was so cliche, but I secretly couldn't wait to create my own. Wall-lah! Here it is! I'm married! Woo!

Now that all that excitement is out of the way, you're all expecting to hear about our married lives. My new years resolution for this year was to better document my life by taking more pictures (with me in them!) and blogging/journal writing. Therefore, you can expect me to update this often. You might even see a post from Carson sometimes (he said it's unlikely, but here's to hoping).

For those that don't know us and you happened upon this blog, Carson and I are madly in love and recently got married. Oh and we bought a home. Oh yeah, and we're full time college students. Oh wait, and I'm a photographer and he's a reporter/producer/videographer of news and such. We're a team. He'll be the next Matt Lauer and I'll be... myself, but a really well known photographer version of myself. ;)

Hope you enjoy our blog!

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