Sunday, March 19, 2017

3-10-17 (11 weeks)

I'm horrible on keeping up! The other day I was craving a KFC chicken bowl so bad! We ended up making mac and cheese and it was not as satisfying haha. My constipation is worse. I need to be better about fruit and veggies. Tonight was Michele and Robert's baby shower! It was so cute. I won the game of making a baby out of play dough haha! We are so excited for them.

The baby's heart rate has decreased to the 170's now according to the doppler. Our next appointment is at 13.5 weeks. I'm excited! I know last write I said the days are going fast, and they are, but I feel like I'll always be in the first trimester.

I'm tired recently, the kind where I can fall asleep really fast! My bladder isn't as bad now, I don't feel like I have to pee all the time! I don't wake up at night as much anymore for it. My skin and scalp is super dry. It's always flaking and gross. Other than that, I've been feeling pretty good! I have a wedding and a bridal shoot tomorrow so I hope I survive.

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