Sunday, March 19, 2017

12 Weeks

I'm finally caught up and out of my journal entries! I'll still be writing in my journal but I'll be a little bit more candid here and more information, sometimes writing gives me hand cramps and I don't write all the stuff I want to say haha!

12 weeks was a roller coaster for me. I went off progesterone at the end of week 11 because I was tired of taking pills (I gag a lot in this pregnancy and I just have tried to switch to as much chewable stuff as possible). Well that was absolutely the worst choice ever! I got a migraine and instantly super nauseated. I was desperate for something to help the migraine so we got V8 energy drinks (I just don't like soda that has caffeine it in). That helped a great deal! I've been a little sick in the pregnancy but not like this. Vomiting a lot and just miserable. MISERABLE. I decided to go back on progesterone mid week and instantly was cured. It was kind of intense and insane how much better I felt back on it! I must be messed up hormonally all the time haha! So once I felt better I got an appetite back and have actually been eating a regular amount.

It was spring break last week and my parents heated their new pool. I got to go swimming twice and it was so nice to get some "fun" exercise and relax. I will be in that pool a lot this summer! I also went to the dentist and got my hair done this week.. it's been productive! No cavities I'm happy to report.

Today was 8:30 am church and we went to all 3 hours. This is groundbreaking haha! It's just so early and I don't feel well if I don't get enough sleep. I find that on the weekends I'm just a little done from the past week and I get a little more headachey... so I just drank half of a V8. That might have to be my Sunday ritual haha.

How far along? 12 weeks! 

How big is the peanut? A plum! 

Total weight gain/loss? I am down a total of around 14lbs since I first found out I was pregnant. With more of my appetite coming back I hope to start gaining now.

Maternity clothes? Not yet! Luckily with the weight loss I'll be able to grow back into my other regular clothes for a little bit until my belly takes over. I have a lot of swing dresses I'll be wearing this summer. I've bought a couple specific maternity dresses that were on clearance but no where near needing them yet.

Sleep? Pretty good! I wake once every night to go pee. I have been zonking out pretty fast and hard which is great because I'm used to having to toss and turn at least 20 minutes before falling asleep.

Best moment this week? Getting back on progesterone. Holy cow. 

Symptoms? After getting back on progesterone... hunger. Hunger every couple hours. Major constipation. I just took TWO stool softeners so pray for me tomorrow. 

Food cravings? None specific this week. I love burgers and I was a little naughty and had 2 turkey sandwhiches last week. They were amazing. I love salads, fruit... really anything! I don't crave a lot of fast food except burgers. Everything else sounds like it'll make my constipation worse and that turns me off haha.

Food aversions? mmm, nothing really specific? Pizza doesn't really sound good anymore.

Gender? I still think boy! We'll find out soon enough.

Labor signs? None luckily! 

Belly button in or out? In still. I hope it stays forever in! haha

What I miss? I miss having little to zero headaches. And being able to stand and work without getting super winded or back killing me. I worked a 6 hour day on my feet the whole time last Saturday and that was hard. I did it! But it's crazy how much a tiny little plum can affect your body so much.

What I'm looking forward to? Finding out the gender. I want to start buying clothes!

Bump? It's there but I also had this bump not pregnant so I'm not sure if I can really call it a baby bump yet. It's more of a "I never work out and gain weight in my stomach area so I always look pregnant" kind of bump. When I do the doppler the baby is still hanging out in my pubic region and my belly situation is higher than that so I'm pretty sure it's just a bloated, constipated, chubby belly right now. Can't wait until it's a real baby belly haha! 

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