Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 13-16

Do you celebrate the things you do have?

Jostlyn: I think I could be better about that. I think I'm always trying to improve. I do have happy dances about things, but after a while I look for change. Materialistic stuff. 

Carson: Probably not enough. I'm always looking for the latest and greatest when it comes to technology and the monetary things we can have. That is something that is probably my downfall in a lot of ways. When it comes to my family, dogs and things I hold dear to my heart then yes. I celebrate them more than anything and I understand I would be nothing without them. The monetary things cease to matter.

What is the difference between living and existing?

Jostlyn: Existing is going through the motions and  going day by day, not really putting meaning behind what you're doing with your life. Living is doing it with meaning. Enjoying each day with purpose.

Carson: Living is when you put your all into life and try to make something of yourself. Existing is just being somewhere with no purpose.

If not now, then when?

Jostlyn: I think now. Why not now? 

Carson: Probably tomorrow... But most likely in a week. Or the week after that if I have time.

Have you done anything lately worth remembering?

Jostlyn: haha I started watching Dragonball Z Abridged on Youtube. It's the funniest thing ever! I have never watched the original series, that wasn't my scene when I was younger, but the abridged version still goes by the storyline, but they do voice-overs and make the characters say a bunch of funny lines and it's hilarious. And let's face it, Carson thinks I'm the bomb. com

Carson: I got my wife hooked on Dragonball Z. Pretty much the funniest occurrence I have ever experienced is watching her slowly warm up to the show where she now actively quotes and enjoys it.

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