Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Guys... I'm sorry

You're telling me it's basically Wednesday?

I know, where did our Monday night vlog go? We let you down. We're so sorry.

We have a mini vlog we recorded for you last weekend... but never put it up. Carson got way busy filming up north on Sunday and then came back and edited all Monday and answered and wrote about 100 emails Monday for his reporting gig he has in about a week. It's been a little crazy.

I got my hair done today.. that was something exciting for me! Woo!

Um... here's what I want to do with the vlogs from now on:

After each vlog I want you guys, yes you, you right now reading this, to ask a question that you may have for us. Or maybe just a topic that you want us to talk about or cover in our vlog. It can be about anything. Leave it in the comments below or email it to us at jostlyn@rozphotoz.com with the subject line "vlog topic." We want to involve our readers! :) And plus, it will help keep our vlogs a little bit more interesting. We will of course post some random ones here and there throughout the week if we want, but that way, we'll get out more posts. Sound fun? Oh good. So comment below! Happy Wednesday!


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