Monday, March 12, 2012

Wedding photo and more!

It's been a while! I need to update this more often because I don't keep a journal and it would be nice to read back on this blog when we're 20 years down the road and read about our newlywed experiences. Life goes by so fast! It's been 10.5 weeks since we got married. That being said, I have pictures back from our photographer! I'm only posting one.. I'll have to dedicate a whole post to the pictures later. :)

Other than that, we've just been working, going to school, and loving each other. I've also been so so so busy with photography. I love it. I just finished my 3rd wedding of the year last weekend, and it couldn't have been a more magical day. I joked the whole time that I cried more at their wedding than I did my own. But for real. Their love is so amazing. Here's my favorite shot from that day:

It's days like those that make me remember how much I LOVE being a photographer. Not that there are days when I don't... I just think I get in the motions and stress from other factors in my life carry over to my photography business and I get confused. One day, I won't have school or work in the way. It'll just be me, my handsome husband, maybe a kid or two, and my camera. (Don't worry, we're having more than 2 kids).

We also sold Carson's car. It was a sad day... we could have kept it, but the payments every month were annoyingly large and we wanted to have somewhat of a savings going. Also, my car needs to be fixed, bills, and other things made is so we needed some extra money. We ended up buying him a blue scooter. It's cute! (ahem.. I mean.. it's manly honey, very masculine). We celebrated our purchase by driving to Mcdonald's after the wedding I shot to get me some food. We passed a couple people, in which the little girl yelled out that we were cute. We went through the drive through and the lady at the window also said "oh, how cute!" haha.. we had a good giggle on the way back home. We both agreed that we have a really good life and we love each other so much. We know how to have fun, even though we're poor most of the time haha.

Anywho, it's Spring Break and it's sooooo nice. Gives me a much needed break from my hectic schedule to spend some time with the hubby and clean our home! Yay!

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