Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I know, I'm a little late.

It's because I was too busy having a great day that I couldn't blog until now!

I had to work and Carson had school, so we decided for him to open up his present the night before. I got him a game and candy and a cute card :) Carson surprised me with a dozen roses today too :)

Today after work, we went on a Biolife date. How romantic is that? They even let us sit next to each other and he drew funny pictures on his iPad so I wouldn't have to think about the needle in my arm. But hey, blood is red... Valentine's are red... your heart is red... blood comes from your heart...

No? Still gross?

Just sayin' .... it was a good Biolife date.

We have been scrounging on our food the last couple days.. eating Ramen and such... because tonight we splurged and went to Orchid's! My, my... such fantastic food. Supa-fancy. They gave us a rose at the end of the night too.

Carson is so good about noticing and understanding my feelings. Always making sure I'm doing ok and if I'm not, he'll do whatever he can to fix it.  All this Valentine's Day stuff is nice and thoughtful, but just knowing he's mine forever and working together with me to make this marriage the greatest is all I need in life.

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